Monday, May 16, 2011

Your First Assignment: Starting Over

It's not easy switching gears.  To leave one game in the dust and start completely from scratch is a rather taxing process.  Especially when the game you switch to isn't even out yet.

This blog will be focused mainly on Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a smattering of random stuff thrown in as well.  I'll hop from class to class, giving you as much detail as I can provide about the Old Republic's current state, open beta, classes, game systems, etc etc.

My first suggestion to you would be to hit up Gamebreaker's excellent web series The Republic.  Gary Gannon and Larry Everett do a great job.  Also head over to Darth Hater for great video dissections and news.  I'll have some more stuff later ... for now, just getting settled in.

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