Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your Eighth Assignment: Deep Cover

Come in Alpha Base, come in Alpha Base!  This is deep cover agent Ancestor, reporting as ordered.  I don't have much time, but what I've learned is of critical importance to the Empire.  Transmitting data now ...

Imperial Intelligence has been quiet for a while because honestly, there's not been much to comment on regarding our favorite yet-to-be-released MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Until today.

There'd been some rumblings about announcement at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 21st.  I honestly expected the same; a couple of looks at some flashpoints, some stuff on the Jedi Consular, maybe another gander at space combat.

Holy shit was I wrong.  Courtesy of Betacake and the official forums (if you can believe it) the Collector's Edition of SWTOR has been leaked.  Like, all of it.  Here's a picture.

I know, right?  Here's a list of CE features from a Spanish retailer (and a French one as well, claiming the same ... all but confirmed):
Collector's Edition includes:
- 30 day subscription to the game
- CD Soundtrack of Star Wars The Old Republic
- Security Key (Flash Drive that protects your account from hackers)
- Galaxy Map (Map of the Universe The Old Republic)
- Journal of Dural Gnost
- Figure Darth Malgus (18 cm)
- Flare Gun (digital content, shoot fireworks over the heads of the players).
- Mouse Droid (digital content, pet chasing the player wherever you go).
- Holodancer (digital content, projects a dancer in the game)
- Holocam (digital content, allows the player to take take pictures in the game)
- Collector's Store (digital content, access to exclusive in-game store to buy weapons and other items)
- Speeder (digital content, unique vehicle, available at level 25)

EDIT: Add a 6-day headstart to the list of CE goodies as well as a training droid
Yeah.  I know, right!?!

So, let's get to the nitty-gritty.  What's the damage?  Currently, the price in Euros is 149.95 at most outlets.  That translates to $200+ American and Canadian.


Ok, now that unpleasantness is out of the way ... yeah, I'm getting this.  I don't even care about the price.  I just.  Don't.  CARE.  I know, I know, I'm part of the problem.  I've been rabidly following this game since 2007 when I started WoW and it would be an utter disservice to my fanboy status to not get the CE.

Let's talk about what exactly comes in the CE.  There's a nice, big galaxy map.  There's a keyfob that could be either a authenticator or a USB drive, or both!  There's a nice metal case that'll look great on my computer desk.  There's 4 DVDs, presumably containing the game.  A hardbound art book/journal.  And a sweeeet Darth Malgus statue.  FYI, I've heard rumors that there's a Republic pack as well that comes with a Satele Shan figure.  Hawt!

Digitally, the CE gives us a free speeder bike at level 25.  It also contains a "Collector's store" ... I think this will operate like the Cerberus Network for Mass Effect 2.  A holocam and holodancer, look like RP items, a mouse droid that will probably act like a companion pet, and a flare gun so you can light up the night like the Protomen.


I know.

I gotta change my pants too.

So, the price is high.  Let's be honest, $200.00 for all that is a lot to ask.  $150.00 would be a lot to ask.  But I'll pay it anyways because I'm hopeless.

Now the long wait for confirmation at Comic Con.

Oh, the agony!

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