Monday, July 25, 2011

Your Tenth Assignment: Primed

Alpha Base, I am now in position near target designated Pax Prime.  Continuing surveillance of target.  Preparing for assault.

Lock and load, agents!  The SW:TOR pre-order bonanza of 2011 is drawing to a close.  Do you have yours?  Remember, the sooner you get it, the sooner you enter your pre-order code, the sooner you get into early access.  No stress.  Right?

Darth Hater has a few articles up about the recent Comic Con event.  Take a moment to read them!  Lots of useful info in there, of which the following are the most important:

1) Speeder bikes and landspeeders ... CONFIRMED!  No more Scooty Puff Juniors; you can get a real speeder now.
2) Early Game Access explained!  Sort of!  Sooner you enter your code, the sooner you can get into the early access phase that could last "days or weeks."
3) Companions are cool again!  Not only can you customize their appearance (different skin tones, accessories, different armor/weapon kits), you can also customize their AI routines just like Dragon Age companions!  This means that companions are no longer useless, malformed lumps of shit in combat.  Good news.
4) Most importantly ... the exclusive Collector's Edition vendor IS NOT A CASH SHOP.  They will provide unique vanity items, weapons, and armor for CE owners.  The shop will reside in a special CE-only VIP area too!  Neat!
5) BETA WEEKENDS IN SEPTEMBER!  Much like RIFT, TOR will launch special beta weekends so we can all get our grubby mitts all over their game for free.  I mean, really.  REALLY.  Have to change pantaloons.

So what's our next target?

PAX PRIME is in (as of this moment) 32 days.  Pax Prime is the West Coast edition of the Penny Arcade Expo.  It is considered holy ground for videogame nerds of all sizes and shapes (usually large and round).  I fully expect a release date at that time.  In 32 days, it will be August 26th.  Beta weekends start in September, fresh off the Pax Prime announcements.  Release date information will whip the fanbase into a complete frenzy, making the TOR beta invites the most talked about (and most coveted) beta keys in the history of gaming.  EA has officially stated that they are looking for a Holiday 2011 release.  The ball is rolling, ladies and gentlemen.  It's good to be a TOR fan.

My prediction for an 10/11/11 release date is still alive, although on life support.  But I fully expect a November release date.

If you haven't ordered a CE of The Old Republic yet, don't fret!  They're nearly sold out everywhere, but Bioware has confirmed that they will release some more stock as the release date approaches.  Be patient, my young padawans.  Patience is a virtue.

Except when you're waiting for TOR.  GIEF ME TOR NAO!!1!!ONE!!!!ELEVEN!!

Fly safe, shoot straight.  For the glory of the Empire!

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