Thursday, October 6, 2011

Your Fourteenth Assignment: Preparations

Alpha Base, this is Agent Ancestor.  I have identified an enemy invasion force.  Reconnoitering the area.  Preparing for contact.

Folks, it's here.  As of this writing, we are 74 days away from Release Day, also known as "The Day Marriages Died."  Are you excited?  This weekend, October 7th, also kicks off the second beta weekend.  Make sure you check your spam boxes for those invites!  And lastly, keep checking the Scum and Villainy sites at the TOR main site (which can be accessed here).

So, some of you may be wondering what's in store for S&V once The Old Republic launches.  I'd like to take some time to line out my goals, views, and a bit of a warning regarding guild behavior.

As you expect, standard Pub Crawlers rules are going to apply.  The guild will be friends and family only, but I am open to the prospect of adding new people (new folks, new game, right?) after an informal interview carried out over vent (actually, this was Colin's idea) by me, Colin, Chris, Atkian, or Nios.  We don't want to add the wrong type of person into our fledgling TOR home (more on that later).

While we're on the subject, I'd like to formally congratulate Joshua, Chris, Colin, and Nios!  You guys just got volunteered to be the Guild Council!  And by Guild Council, I mean, the five of us will combine our thoughts on what direction we'll be going in for TOR and discussing any and all possible policy changes.  That being said, feedback and ideas from the whole guild will not only be heard but highly encouraged.  We're all mature here, and I'm pretty sure we can find a way to get along pretty well.  After all, save for Chris, we pretty much like everyone!

Direction.  Goal.  What is it?  Eventually, I'd like to see us raid.  I think, in the grand scheme of things, that's why the majority of Pubbies play.  Certainly, there are those that don't raid, but more than a few of us enjoy it, as well as the camaraderie that it fosters.  To that end, we'll primarily be a casual raiding guild.  I'm not going to bust your guys' balls about attendance or loot or anything like that (more on that later).  But just respect your fellow players; show up if you sign up, let us know ahead of time if you can't make it.  In Pubs, we know that life happens.  Stuff goes on.  Family comes first.  We're not going to be hardcore about this game ... I just want all of us to have fun together.

And that brings us to fun.  In order to promote a fun atmosphere where everyone is welcome and feels safe in the S&V zone, I'm going to place a strict limit on the guild chat.  No racial, homophobic, or ethnic jokes, guys.  We're all adults.  We don't need to resort to that type of stuff to get a laugh.  Just because it doesn't offend you doesn't mean it's not offensive.  If an office pipes up and asks you to tone it down, please do so.  We're all trying to have fun here.

Making fun of Kellee is highly encouraged, however.

And lastly, a note about guild behavior.  So, in our previous game(s) we've encountered some drama and whatnot.  While a little bit of drama will always be present when human beings are involved, I'd like to keep it to a minimum this time around.  To whit, any and all guild invitations will have to have unanimous approval from me, Colin, Chris, Joshua and Roger.  This certainly applies to any and all members of Pub Crawlers as well as outside applicants.  There is a certain type of attitude that we don't want in this new game; the type of attitude that puts themselves above the team and wreaks havoc behind the scenes while pursuing a personal agenda.  Folks, we're all a team and we function as a group.  We won't stand by and watch another good thing get ruined because of selfish actions.  If anyone is found to have behaved inappropriately during a raid, pvp session, RP meeting, or any other guild function, please let your officer corp know.  We will get to the bottom of it quickly and administer corrective action.  I won't be pussy-footin' around this stuff, ladies and gentlemen.  I've seen what happens when you relax guild rules and I won't allow that to happen in a galaxy far, far away.  No ethnic/racial/homphobic jokes.  No inappropriate behavior while wearing our guild tag.  No slurs or excessive swearing.  Pay attention to your officer corp.  Team first, individual second (applies to raiding, mainly).  Don't let anything ruin your fun.  If you have problems, contact us immediately.

All in all though, it should be a fun time for us!  I can't wait to get in-game with you all!

Fly safe, shoot straight.  For the glory of the Empire!

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