Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Assignment: Disgust

Not going to do an Old Republic entry today.  Today, we're going to talk about the children of Penn State, the predations of a vile man, and the abuse of power by cowards who were more concerned with keeping their positions rather than protecting the boys and girls that parents trusted them to keep safe.

In 2002, graduate assistant Matthew McQueary walked into the Penn State athletic facilities.  Upon entering, he heard the showers going; since it was 9:30pm at night, he went to investigate.  He discovered former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky engaged in sodomy with a 10 year old boy.  Both the boy and the former coach saw McQueary.  McQueary was distraught and left the building; he then called his father, John McQueary.  His father encouraged Matthew to report the incident to head coach and living legend Joe Paterno.  Paterno met with McQueary the next day where the assistant reported what he saw.  Paterno then took it to his superiors, athletic director Time Curley and VP of finance Gary Schultz.  After that meeting, Schultz and Curley removed Sandusky's emeritus status and denied him access to Penn State facilities.  They made no report to any form of law enforcement.  There may be up to 20 victims

Curley and Schultz are currently charged with perjury for lying to a grand jury in 2010 about the incident.

Here's a complete timeline of the events.

The whole Penn State situation is just completely wrong.  Penn State officials did the absolute minimum required by law in reporting the incident, and then completely mishandled the situation.  Instead of making sure that the kids were ok and that justice was served, they were far more interested in covering up the incident(s) and ensuring the luster of Penn State never tarnished.

They chose the school over children.  They let children continue to be raped by a sexual predator rather than bring dishonor upon their institution.

Since I'm a father, this is affecting me more deeply than other scandals.  The very idea that adults would scramble to cover their own asses instead of ensuring that a child's welfare is paramount sickens me.  Absolutely disgusts me to the core.  Cowards and liars, all of them.

Joe Paterno, in doing the bare legal minimum, put his school and himself above a child's safety.  Think about that, guys.  The Nittany Lion is more important than the sodomization of a 10 year old boy.  Letting a known child predator walk away quietly is more important than bringing justice to these victims.


The whole thing just disgusts me.  Joe Paterno will be allowed to ride off into the sunset, a paragon of college football.  What's left for those kids he let get raped?  What will their story be?  We'll never know.

It's horrifying to think that one of the 'good guys' of college sports would allow this to happen on his watch.  Allow it to happen and do nothing to stop it.  He was the moral compass of the Big Ten for many years and when his ethical code was needed most, he failed.  He failed himself, he failed his school, he failed those children, and he failed all of us.

Joe Paterno does not deserve to keep coaching.  He doesn't deserve to keep his freedom, even.  And there resides a special spot in hell for Gary Schultz and Tim Curley.  Unfortunately, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno will probably escape severe legal punishment.  Sandusky will of course be thrown into a dark hole and never let out.

I just can't forget what that assistant saw.  What he didn't do.  What Paterno didn't do.  What Penn State didn't do.  When confronted with a tragedy of monumental proportions, Penn State chose to do what was best for Penn State.  They never thought about what was best for the kids who were completely victimized; not only by Sandusky, but by Paterno, Schultz, and Curly.

For my part, 'JoePa' will never be celebrated in my house.  And even if no one remembers this incident in 20 years, I hope my voice will still be loud and clear; "Remember those kids he failed?  Remember those kids he let Sandusky rape?"

Fuck Joe Paterno.  Coward.  Liar.  I hope you can sleep well at night, Joe, because the kids you failed can't.  They'll never be able to again because of what you didn't do.

But hey, you did what the law said you had to do, right?

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