Monday, November 21, 2011

Your Nineteenth Assignment: Imperial Survival Guide

Today we gather to commemorate Ancestor, brave agent of the Emperor's will, son of the Chiss Ascendacy, and defender of all Imperial people against the tyranny of the Republic.  He died as he lived, fighting the good fight against the enemies of the Empire and ensuring peace across the galaxy.

Lock and load, agents!  Busy day today, but first some house-cleaning.  The name Ancestor has been permanently retired.  It was my WoW handle for a long time and I've just decided to move on; WoW no longer speaks to me (hasn't for a long time) and it's time to give myself a moniker worthy of The Old Republic.

Welcome Targeter, Cipher Agent for the Empire.

That being said, let's move on!  Big news - the NDA dropped for TOR!  That means I can regale you all with juicy tidbits from TOR's beta gameplay.  Here's my review of the game so far:


Yeah, so it's good.  'Nuff said.  Here's some info that you guys actually need ... a primer on what you should be looking for in TOR this weekend!


Imperial Agent is a ranged DPS/Healer class.  The Agent's Advanced Classes are Operative (DPS/Healing) and Sniper (DPS).  The Agent's main stat is CUNNING.  Operatives look for Blaster Rifles while the Sniper uses a Sniper Rifle.  Both ACs utilize a vibroknife as a secondary weapon for melee attacks.  The Agent uses Medium Armor.  The cover system is specific to the Agent.  Press 'F' to drop into immediate cover.

Bounty Hunter is a ranged Tank/DPS/Healer class.  The Bounty Hunter's Advanced Classes are Mercenary (DPS/Healing) and Powertech (Tank).  The Hunter's main stat is AIM.  Mercenaries look for dual Blaster Pistols while Powertechs use only a single Blaster Pistol.  The Bounty Hunter uses Heavy Armor.

The Sith Inquisitor is a ranged/melee Tank/DPS/Healer class.  The Inquisitor's Advanced Classes are Assassin (Tank/DPS) and Sorcerer (Healer/DPS).  The Inquisitor's main stat is WISDOM (even for the melee characters).  Assassins use a double-bladed lightsaber while the Sorcerer utilize a single lightsaber.  The Inquisitor uses Light Armor.

The Sith Warrior is a melee Tank/DPS class.  The Warrior's Advanced Classes are Marauder (DPS) and Juggernaut (Tank).  A Warrior's main stat is STRENGTH.  Marauders use dual lightsabers while the Juggernaut uses only a single lightsaber.  The Juggernaut uses Heavy Armor while the Marauder uses Medium Armor.

The Torhead site has good information on equipment and talents for each of the Advanced Classes.


Datacrons are permanent stat boosts that can be discovered by exploring the world.  They can be either easy or hard to find and they mainly reward the patient player who spends time discovering the game world.  There are three (3) datacrons on each of the starting planets (Ord Mantell, Korriban, Nal Hutta, and Tython), five(5) datacrons on each of the secondary planets (Coruscant and Dromund Kaas), and seven (7) on all other planets.


You can reasonably expect to get your own personal starship before level 18.  It isn't based on level per se, but when you receive your ship is determined by how quickly you complete your class quests on Dromund Kaas or Coruscant.  Your ship allows your character a certain level of freedom to fly anywhere they would like in the TOR universe, including planets that you are too low level for.  You can also participate in space combat by flying to a space combat point and entering the battle.  On your ship there is also a mission terminal that allows you to pick up space combat missions as well that provide commendations and experience.


Commendations are a special type of currency that you earn on planets (and in space combat).  They allow the purchase of items such as armor, weapons, and modifications.  Commendations can only be spent on the planet, but they can be upgraded at the next planet at a cost ratio of 2:1 (ie, Dromund Kaas commendations can be exchanged for Balmorra commendations).  The commendations can be used at 'Specialty' vendors located in the main quest hub of the planet.


You can expect to get your first companion at the end of your origin world.  Your companion can do many things for you: harvest items, fight alongside you, craft for you, or sell grey items.  They also provide a touchstone for many of your class quests.  You can gain or lose affection with companions based on your decisions.  You can also curry favor with them by buying gifts.  Check your codex for gift item buying suggestions (hint: look at their hobbies).

That's all for now.  Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire!

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