Friday, December 23, 2011

Snap Shot: Mumble Tip

Just a Snap Shot for right now ... do you have Mumble?  If so, you may find it distracting when someone is talking during your storylines.  Well, now there's a solution!  Simply set a Deafen Self toggle.  Here's how.

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What you'll need to do is open Mumble and then go to the 'Configure' option.  Once inside, select 'Shortcuts' on the left-hand menu.  Then you'll need to click the 'Add' button at the bottom.  This will give you a new shortcut in the 'Function' column with a drop-down menu.  Click the down arrow to select 'Deafen Self.'  The 'Data' column will automatically default to 'Toggle'; this is what you want.  Now, click on the 'Shortcut' portion and enter the keyboard shortcut you want to use.  I personally use the tilde key '~' because it's not really used in-game and yet you have easy access to it.  The 'Suppress' options makes the key activate despite game commands, so leave this unchecked; sometimes this causes errors in the game.  Click 'Apply' and you're done!

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