Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Thirtieth Assignment: Of Slicing and Classes

Well now, Mr. Lockbox, what do you have inside you?

Lock and load, agents!  Today I'm going to speak about something dear to my heart: Slicing.  Slicing is like printing money.  Lockboxes, especially those on higher-level worlds without much competition are veritable treasure troves of free credits, a bounteous outpouring of chits that can turn into magical things like speeders, training, or slave girl outfits.

In short, I love slicing.

The good boys and gals in Austin released a patch to help rein in slicing a bit.  This patch is directed more towards sending companions out; apparently, at higher levels you could send a companion out, pay the mission fee, and then perhaps triple the amount of money you just spent.  It was a tad OP; I've heard reports that the nerf is from 40%-60%.  I'll have to confirm this firsthand though.  And apparently, it doesn't affect lockboxes found in the open world (where most of my money comes from); I'll also test this tonight.  At my current level (38) and Slicing skill level (298), I receive anywhere between 500 and 1200 credits per standard white box.  Blues net me 2500 to 5000 credits.  I'll report my findings later with an update!

Onto more exciting things, also known as 'The Paucity of Blasters.'

One thing I've noticed so far in SWTOR is that everyone and their hutt-damned brother is a stinkin' Inquisitor.  I'll let you in on a little secret; way back in 2009, I wanted to be an Inquisitor too.  Oh, those halcyon days when the Inquisitor was first announced ... I had lighting-tinged dreams of being the new Emperor, tossing bolts at my foes and watching them jerk uncontrollably as the power of the dark side coursed through me ... but in all honesty, the class appealed to me because I was, at the time, an Elemental Shaman raider in WoW and enjoyed lightning in all its forms.

And Inquisitors were lightning with laserswords!

And as I grew more interested in the Inquisitor, so apparently did everyone else on the damn planet.  Thus, facing the dearth of Palpatines I knew would be rampaging across a galaxy far, far away, I chose a new class ... a class that not many would play.  A class few would understand.  A class even fewer would attempt.

The agent.

No laser cutlasses.  No Force powers.  Nothing except his wits, his charm, and his long-range high-powered rifle.  And I thought, "Ha!  Here is a class few will appreciate!  Here I can be a special snowflake, unique and secure in myself that I will be one of the few, the proud!"

And on launch day, 'twas true, Agents were far and few.  We who guard the Empire's sheep were not heard from, nary a beep.  Yeah, I just rhymed.  Boom.

But seriously, we agents are a rare lot, Snipers even more so.  Most agents I've run across stammer at me, "But why would you give up healing?  Why would you give up stealth."  Because, dear operative, I WANT TO BE A SPECIAL FUCKING SNOWFLAKE.

The Sniper is, quite honestly, rather useless.  I wish I had healing. Or stealth.  Or some semblance of melee combat, other than flailing uselessly at my opponent as my blood squirts all over his shirt.  (That's not strictly true, but you get my meaning)  But the sniper provides me with two benefits:

1) I can be one of the rarest combinations of class and spec (just like my elemental and enhancement shaman)
2) It will provide me with ample opportunity to bitch, moan, and otherwise QQ for the rest of my TOR career about the nerfs, buffs hidden as nerfs, and nerfs designed to completely and utterly destroy my sniper-lovin' soul

So what have we learned?  Targeter likes slicing, complaining about his class, and being a special snowflake in a multiplayer game where invariably everyone will eventually become copies of each other through gear, titles, questing, or general gameplay.

Oh, and I have more fun with my bounty hunter, Butch.


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