Thursday, December 22, 2011

Your Twenty-Eighth Assignment: Christmas List

Agent, this is Control.  Come in, Agent.

I'm here Control.  Just working my wish list.

Your what?  Agent, it's time to get to work.

Lock and load, ye merry agents!  Since it's the holiday season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus) I figured I'd get in the spirit by compiling a wish list for Darth Claus of what I'd like to see in the upcoming year for The Old Republic!  Let's dive in!
  1. Guild Banks
    This is the number one want for most folks around the game right now.  Guild banks are such a staple of the MMO genre that not having one is sort of jarring (and yeah, I realize RIFT didn't have them at launch either).  I expect this wish to be fulfilled soon; and oh, what a happy day it will be!  I'll have a place to store all my Resolve 4 hilts!
  2. Guild Ships
    This has long been a promised feature, but I think it is well within reach in the calendar year of 2012.  Guild ships have been teased multiple times by developers; they will operate as social/crafting hubs for entire guilds.  The ship will have the ability to be moved from planet to planet.  This type of feature could really distinguish TOR in the MMO genre by providing a new social interaction conduit for guilds - perhaps even guests!  I hope the material drive to make this ship is intense and laborious; obtaining a guild capital ship should be a monumental achievement worthy of praise and jealous sneers.
  3. New Races
    We probably won't see this feature in 2012, as I highly doubt that an expansion pack will be released so soon.  But when the first xpac arrives, I fully expect more races (and more variations among the races) to be introduced into TOR.  We've already seen many models of alien species such as Sullustans, Gand, Mon Calamari, Kaleesh, Kel Dor, and many more that could make suitable character classes.  The challenge lies in making sure the alien race looks right in the cutscenes, makes sense for the classes, and fits in the lore.  I actually fully expect new races to be released with new classes, as it may actually be easier to craft entirely new experiences than try to fit new races into already established storylines.
  4. Content Updates
    This is a certainty; content updates will be rolling fast and furious, if for no other reason than to keep up with their competitors.  You can be sure that Blizzard, Trion, Turbine, and the rest will be debuting new content to try to bleed off some of TOR's userbase.  Bioware's updates need to provide meaningful content for players, including new raids, skill tweaks, customization options, and new battlegrounds.  I don't expect to see a new content update for 2 months, though.
  5. Grey Gear
    This is a hot topic right now; 'grey' gear for characters who are walking the line between light and dark.  Currently, 'grey' characters don't really get some of the gearing options available to characters who have made a choice to go light or dark; relics, weapons, and armor choices are shut off to them with nothing to fill the gap.  I expect 'grey' gear to be introduced quickly to help players who walk between the good and evil.
  6. Same-Sex Relationships
    This is a no-brainer; Bioware has a long history of presenting same-sex romance options, dating all the way back to Knights of the Old Republic (Juhani was romanceable by a female Revan).  Although it's not a big deal to me either way, it is a very important issue for many players (and rightfully so) and Bioware has insisted that it will be included soon.  Judging by Bioware's history, I fully expect this to happen in the very near future.

And in closing, I'd like to serenade you with a song (a Targeter original)...

Jedi roasting on funeral pyres
Sith Purebloods attacking your holds
Imperial troops bellowing "Open fire!"
And planets falling by the droves

Everybody knows the Republic's doomed and so
Jedi temples are all set alight
Sith with their eyes all aglow
Will slake their bloodlust tonight

They know that Malgus is on his way
He's got lots of droids and weapons in his bays
And every Republic mother will lift her eyes
To see if Malgus will really burn the sky

And so you offer up this simple phrase
To Malgus, we bow to your rule
Although we've been Republic for all time, we must say
A very merry Sith-mas to you.

Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire!

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