Monday, January 23, 2012

Bounty Board: Vanguard of Norrath

 Over the weekend, my guild got embarrassed.  During an organized PVP event, we were outnumbered 2:1 and obliterated.  It was not a good feeling.  To whit, I am now posting an open bounty on all Vanguarders on the Shien server (this is applicable only to Scum and Villainy members).  Here's the post I put in Facebook.  Open season, ladies and gentlemen!

If this doesn't fire ya'll up, I dunno what will. This is a snippet of convo from the VoN guys during the world PVP event, from Herby's perspective (a VoN-er from WoW):

I was listening to you guys in chat that went something like this...
????- "hey a sith"
Costa-"that's Kennys guild"
... ????-"I got one up here on the rocks...I just destroyed them"
Jay-"take it easy guys"
????-"hey, another one...die scum"
Herby-"don't kill too many of them"
Costa-"yah, we have alts in that guild"
????-"another one down!"

It was then described as a slaughter.

My people don't go down like that. From now on, it's on like Donkey Kong. Open bounty on all Vanguard of Norrath players! 5000 credits per killshot! Post your pics here and you'll receive the bounty from Targeter.

1) Only 1 kill allowed. Don't farm them. This is supposed to be fun, not camping.
2) Each kill will be confirmed by me with Opak (GM of VoN) for fairness/non-camping
3) Be respectful! This is supposed to be fun! No rudeness will be tolerated. 'Course, what a Sith thinks is rude may be different than what a Jedi thinks is rude ...
4) If multiple Scummers are present, the bounty will be split among all parties.
5) Kills made while in guild events will not be payable.

Go get 'em, boys and girls. Spread the word.

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