Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Thirty-fifth Assignment: Tanked

Agent, who is that?

Oh, that's my cousin.

Your cousin is a Zabrak Sith lord?

Well, he's not a blood relative.  Not really.

Lock and load, agents!  Recently ... well more like about two weeks ago ... I hit 50.  It was a strange moment; the story for my agent was essentially over.  What could I do next?  I tried to play my Sith Inquisitor ... blech.  Not a bad class, but just too many around right now.  Tried to restart my Bounty Hunter but was ambivalent.  I'd just gone 50 levels with a sniper rifle and the blaster pistol seemed oddly unfulfilling.  Enter the Sith Warrior, Verbrecher.

Boy howdy.

Where my agent was nuanced and clinical, the sith warrior is a blunt instrument of vengeance.  I feel like a completely unstoppable badass while playing him and let me tell ya ... it's one hell of a rush.  I'm leveling as a Juggernaut and loving every minute of it.  Couple that with the fact that my friend is also leveling a Sith Marauder at the same time and we make for a hellacious combo.  With me tanking, him DPSing, Quinn healing, and Vette providing support, there are few challenges for us in the game.  Heroics fall easily to our blades.  Bosses wither under our assault.  It's an epic feeling; I know it won't last forever.  I know Belsavis is coming.  I know Corellia will chew us up and spit us out, but hey, we're having fun right now.

This discovery of the Sith Warrior has made me look at my character list in a new light.  For the first time in an MMO, I'm trying tanking.  I'm trying it and I'm liking it.  In other games, I've been the pure DPS guy.  I've been the dude who knew his rotation back and forth, knew his consumables, knew when to apply pressure, when to ease off, when to bloodlust, and when to go completely nuts, knew the coefficients of attacks, knew too much really.  I could dial threat up and down according to the situation at hand; I was DPS and I loved it.  I took pride in being smart DPS that tanks and healer appreciated.  But in SWTOR ...

I'm finding that I enjoy tanking.  A lot.  I enjoy taking punishment and protecting my allies.  I like the mechanics of it, the variety of things I can do, and the feeling of absolute power I have as a tank.  In WoW and RIFT, tanks hit enemies with wet noodles and did no damage.  In SWTOR, my Sith Warrior charges in, smashes an opponent in the face, roars like a tiger, ravages his enemy with a sweeping strike, stuns another foe, applies sunder stacks, and cremates everything in front of him.  It's completely changed the way I view tanking; from the meat shield designed to soak damage and draw threat from abilities to the scariest motherfucker in the group.  My Sith Warrior is a madman, a deadly dervish, dispensing hurt at anyone nearby and wreaking utter havoc.

I loved the tanking mechanic so much that ... remember this is the DPS guy who wouldn't touch a tank in RIFT or WoW ... I rerolled my guys.  My Bounty Hunter became a Powertech.  My Inquisitor became an Assassin.  And yes, I'm going to level them all as tanks.  Such is the power of SWTOR; it's turned me from a DPS guy to tanking guy.  May not last forever, but dangit, for right now, I'm havin' a hoot.

Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire!


  1. I feel like the Sith side gets a huge boost by getting Quinn so early (as opposed to Doc on the Republic side). It's really hard to go in like a roaring tiger without a healer at your back... and C2-N2 is not awesome. Not at all.

  2. Good blog man, I only recently started reading your stuff, and very quickly you have become my top choice for all things SWTOR. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!I enjoy your blog as well, my friend :D