Thursday, January 5, 2012

Your Thirty-second Assignment: The Good Doctor

Doctor Loken, come in.  Doctor, I need you.  I'm losing blood quickly ... rendezvous at my coordinates as soon as you can ...

Lock and load!  Today, we talk about companions of the agent ... which to use and which to leave on the ship.  Also, this is SPOILERIFIC, so if you don't want to know, don't read past the jump.
**Again, spoilers!  Don't read anymore if you don't want to know.  Seriously.**

So, I'll be honest.  The agent's companion list is rather ... sparse.  It lacks the oomph or pizazz of some of the classes; the companions are decent enough I suppose, but not too many 'wow' you.  We'll analyze them one by one from the player's point of view - function, utility, and style.  Style, you say?  Well, simply put, the panache the companion has.  Some have the 'it' factor, some don't.  We'll grade them on a scale of 1-10, using my own personal experience with them as a completely subjective barometer. Hey, I never said it would be fair.  Here we go! (FYI, I'm not counting the stupid ship droid.  He's ridiculous.)

Kaliyo Djannis
Ah, Kaliyo.  Our feisty Ratataki bounty hunter is an irascible vixen.  She's the first companion you get in the agent's storyline, functioning as a ranged tank or ranged dps.  Even with the best gear levels, she's not all that functional; she dies too easily for my tastes, and her dps pales in comparison to my sniper.  Plus, for a light-side agent like mine, she's incredibly hard to gain affection with if you don't load up on gifts for her (which she rarely likes, by the by).  Still, she's your only companion for quite a long bit into the game, so you better get used to her.

Function: 5.5
Utility: 6
Style: 8
Overall: 6.5

Vector is your second real companion, an odd human who Joined with the Killik nest on Alderaan.  He speaks as a member of the hive, using 'we' and 'our' a lot.  It's kind of irritating, but not nearly as bad as his complete uselessness on the battlefield.  This bug-lover's a melee dps using a vibrostaff (or whatever), quite possibly the worst possible match for a sniper.  He goes down quick, is pitifully weak, and has a nasty penchant for switching targets at random.  Also, he has the personality of a wet sock.  Sorry, Vector, looks like you're on crew skill duty!

Function: 4
Utility: 4
Style: 4

Doctor Loken
Ah, the good doctor.  I'll admit that I have a bit of a man-crush on the doctor.  He's easily my favorite companion to quest with, has beastly heals, can dps in a pinch (by turning into a fucking rakghoul!), and usually agrees with my agent.  Plus, he looks like Captain Picard, uses the same gear (ie, hand-me-downs) as my agent, heals me when I'm hurt, and generally makes my questing life better (upgrading it from a never-ending miasma of horror to a palatable experience that doesn't involve me having to recuperate after every battle).  Basically, the good doctor heals what ails me.

Function: 9.5
Utility: 9.5
Style: 9
Overall: 9.5

Ensign Temple
Temple is a strange bird; she's of the smuggler archetype (gunslinger variety) so that means she's straight dps.  She's ranged which is a plus, but doesn't draw too much aggro.  She's aligned with the Chiss Ascendancy too (which is a plus for my Chiss agent) and a romance option to boot.  So, she's not terribly effective as a companion for a sniper, but I imagine she'd do quite nicely as long as you could heal her as an operative.  Plus, she clearly digs the agent, loves the Empire (and the Chiss), and is a duty-first type of gal.  All these things combine for a moderately effective, highly intriguing companion.  Oh, and she fills out a uniform quite nicely.

Function: 6
Utility: 7
Style: 8
Overal: 7

Okay, if there were ever a droid I'd want to do dirty things to me, it'd be Scorpio.  Holy hell-balls, this bitch is a ball-buster and a half.  Did I mention she's basically wants to axe-murder you?  Yeah.  And she makes no bones about her distaste for you or her desire to see you die a horrid death.  But that voice ... that voice makes me want to forget about all the 'I want to murder you' stuff and take this little droid on a cruise 'round the galaxy of love ... oh shit, was that out loud?  Damn.  Anyways, Scorpio is a melee tank.  She's hard to outfit if you haven't been stockpiling droid parts, and you receive her so late in the game that you can barely use her.  But oh, how I want to use her ... shit, that was out loud again.

Function: 6
Utility: 6
Style: 10
Overall: 7.5

As I delve more deeply into the classes, I'll produce more of these run-downs.  But so far, of all the companions I've met, Doctor Loken is the most useful, Mako is the best (and such a cutey-patootie!), Vette earns the spot for most annoying voice (hellllo Mission Vao!), and T-7 is the most useless.  Sorry, but that damn droid sucks.

Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire!

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