Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missing Persons Report: TARGETER

Where in the hell have you been, cypher?

Miss me, Kaliyo?

Miss you?  No.  Want to kill you?  Yes.

Well, there's a long story, and if you'd put down that blaster, I'll tell you ...

Lock and load, agents!

... what?  Was I missing for that long?

Hmmm, apparently so.  Many bloggers have used the old 'life happened' statement, but in my situation it's definitely applicable.  To be honest, work got in the way.  Lots of work.  My workload at the office has tripled in the past 6 months and these past two weeks it finally caught up with me.  So, in the ever-present struggle of family life, work, and gaming, gaming has been losing.  Badly.

The last time I logged onto TOR was Saturday, and that was to complete a pug run of Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace.  Holy shit.  It was fun.  Not like, "oh wow, loot pinata!" fun, but it reminded me so much of the awe and wonder I had when I first stepped foot into Ulduar.  Eternity Vault is, without a doubt, the finest example of raid design I've seen since the desecrated halls of Yogg'Saron.  The encounters are tough but not unreasonably challenging.  The fights are simple, yet complex.  Much of it is a gear check.  After running EV I have no fears about the endgame raiding of TOR.  Karagga's Palace is much less fun and more workman-like.  It's the ICC to EV's Ulduar.  Still a good raid, but Soa and company at the Vault have definitely stolen the cake.  Probably for nefarious purposes.  Many thanks to the guys from the guild Empire on Shien (US-RP East) for letting me tag along on the run.  They definitely made it easy for me (since I was massively under-geared) and explained all the fights so I could take notes.  Copious amounts of notes.

The great population decline of 2012 still isn't apparent on my server.  Shien is rocking and rolling.  The Imperial Fleet generally holds about 120 people on any given night.  World populations rung between 50-100, depending on which world you are on and how high level that world is.  Corellia is still lightly populated (usually around 20 people) but I can understand why ... I'd rather have my gonads removed by rusted spoons than go to Corellia again.

I've started the daily treadmill, but I don't honestly know how long I'll stay on it.  I'd rather get upgrades from flashpoints or raiding, but I understand the game.  Dailies will be required to get the stat boosts I need ... yes, dreaded dailies, yes I will do you.  I s'pose.

More importantly, for the first time since level 30, my agent Targeter has had a major wardrobe update.  He's replaced his cool hat with a cooler hat (raid drop) and his cool leatheris jacket chest piece with some horrible, ungodly collection of spare Mortal Kombat costume parts (Columni chest).  Really, my agent looks like Scorpion or Sektor or whoever the hell those stupid cyborg fighters were.  Good god.  Gimme back my trench coat.  Horrid.  Good news: I got a new gun out of the Battle of Ilum that looks pretty swanky, so that's cool.

That's about all that's been happening in the S&V-verse.  We're planning a raid this Sunday, so I'll make sure to post about that.  Maybe I'll even post some strats and whatnot.  WHO KNOWS!

Fly safe, shoot straight, raid great!  For the glory of the Empire!

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  1. It's interesting that you compare EV to Ulduar, something that wouldn't have occurred to me in terms of gameplay, but they actually share the exact same backstory: hugely powerful evil creature imprisoned by an ancient civilisation about to break free! That's kind of cool.