Monday, March 26, 2012


Read this.

Done?  Good.  That article pissed me off.

Now, read this sentence from the aforementioned article.

"One metric in the thread claims that even though The Old Republic has about a tenth of WoW's subscribers, it has nearly half of WoW's total server count, causing a massive server to player disparity."

That ignorant damn statement pissed me off the most.

Ok, let's do some really simple fucking math.  The statement above states that TOR has one tenth the population of World of Warcraft - incorrect.  WOW currently holds 10.1 million players (according to the latest financial call) across all continents, including the massive and lucrative Asian market and TOR has 1.7 million players according to EA's latest call.  I'm only using the financial call numbers because those are the only ones I can verify; I can speculate all I want about player counts but it amounts to a hill of damn beans in the end.

1.7 divided by 10.1  does not equal 10%

1.7 divided by 10.1 equals 16.83%

That's a pretty large delta right off the bat, over 50% off the stated claim.  Next up, let's check server counts!  TOR currently has (by my calculations) 217 servers - 123 US, 91 Euro, 3 Asian.  For WoW, currently, in the US alone there are 241 realms.  There are another 263 realms in Europe making for a total of 504 servers.  Add in another 8 for Brazil and Latin America and we're up to 512.  I count, by hand 375 servers in China.  That's up to 887 servers.  33 more servers in Korea, and another 47 in Taiwan.  That brings our total count to 967 servers.  Server counts come directly from WoWpedia (may be off a few here or there due to hand counting!).

TOR v WoW Server Counts: 263 divided by 967 equals 27.19%

Last time I checked, 27.19% is nowhere close to 50%, right?  So the claim that TOR has one tenth the population (wrong) and one half the servers (wrong again) isn't looking too good.  Well, let's break down the subs per server next.

TOR : 1.7 million divided by 217 equals 7834.1 subscribers per server

WOW : 10.1 million divided by 967 equals 10444.67 subscribers per server

So, what does this tell us?  That TOR servers are 75.03% as filled as WoW servers when considered on a large-scale basis.  We unfortunately don't have subscriber counts by region for either game so we can't estimate how filled US and Euro servers are for WoW, but if we were to guess that half the subscriber population is in the US and Europe and the other half is in Asia (China, Korea, and Taiwan) then this is what the numbers would look like:

TOR : 1.7 million divided by 217 equals 7834.1 subscribers per server

WOW (US&Euro) : 5.05 million divided by 504 equals 10019.84 subscribers per server

WOW (Asia): 5.05 million divided by 463 equals 10907.13 subscribers per server

That brings TOR's and WoW's US & Euro server counts close to 80% as full (78.18%).

So gamers who like to complain that TOR servers are dead, shut the fuck up.  Your servers are 75-80% as full as WoW servers.  Stop complaining.  Are there some dead servers?  You betcha ... there always will be with an MMO of this size.  Is it as bad as you're stating?  Fuck no.  Please stop overreacting to a problem that is purely subjective; when you log on and you see 40 people in the Fleet take into account other factors.  What time of day is it?  What day?  What else is going on?  Are there outside factors?  By the numbers, there's just not a whole lot of evidence to point to 'empty' servers.  Now, we can revisit this topic once they release the subscriber counts at the next quarterly financial call.

Till then, shut your pie holes.

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