Sunday, March 18, 2012

Picture Pages!

So I was looking through my screenshot folders and thought immediately of this!

Time for Targeter's Picture Pages!

First up, the infamous 'Sixth Meme' that was sent my way courtesy of Njessi at Hawtpants of the Old Republic.  This was a screenshot taken on the Ziost Shadow ... and the panorama just absolutely blew me away.  If I remember correctly, two guildmates were with me at the time - Yewanna and Kimonomofo.

Next!  Targeter has too much money on his hands and makes the TOR equivalent of buying a timeshare!  The Korrealis Commander (aka, Land Boat) is big, ugly, and a million credits.  I have no idea why I bought it ... that's a lie, I wanted to show my officers in Scum and Villainy that I have 1) too much time and 2) too much money.  Eat it.

And lastly ... I'm pretty sure that's the Bounty Hunter ship giving me the fucking double bird.  Fuck you too, Mantis.

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  1. That last screenshot and your commentary actually made me lol. :D