Monday, March 5, 2012

Success! ... almost.

So after a change in our lineup, our Ops team was off and running.  We sprinted through Annihilator and Gharj and finally reached the Ancient Pylon.  First wipe, we were figuring out what the hell to do.  Second wipe was caused by an ill-behaving Acklay.  Third pull we got it.  Council took three tries as well, once we figured out that Kolto Shell was giving our healer the Destiny debuff.  And just like that, we are on Soa.

I can't believe it.

Soa's a bastard, but we'll get him down in time.  Honestly, none of us were prepared to meet Soa so quickly, but that just goes to show you what a well-oiled ops team can do.  Hopefully next Sunday we'll put a couple shots in that ol' Rakata's brain pan!

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