Thursday, March 22, 2012

Your Fortieth Assignment: Retirement

You can't quit, cipher.

The hell I can't Kaliyo.  I'm done.  The Empire can burn.

But cipher, all the people you saved, the good you did ...

Amounts to nothing.  Get out of my face, you Rattataki bitch.

This is the post I've been dreading.  I always knew it would come because nothing lasts forever, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

I'm quitting The Old Republic.

The reasons are myriad and legion; boring game world, horrid raiding, buggy gameplay, no sense of the world at large.  The people.  The whole game.  It's just so familiar with that game I've played before ... I just can't stand it.  I'll be venturing back into World of Warcraft, but I doubt I'll stay long ... MMOs simply have nothing for me anymore.  I guess I'll need to fire up that Panda soon.  I'll probably just drift away from the gaming scene altogether and write a book.  Maybe work on some painting.  Maybe I'll just HOLY SHIT YOU ACTUALLY FELL FOR THAT.  Happy early April Fool's!

The real point of this post is a love letter to BioWare's new MMO.

Thanks, Doctors Muzyka and Zeschuk.  Thanks for giving me a game world where I can explore and evolve, live out my Star Wars dreams and roam the galaxy.  Hey, I know it's just started and there's not a whole shit-ton of stuff to do, but the possibilities leave me breathless.

Thanks, Damien Schubert, Georg Zoeller, James Ohlen, and Daniel Erickson for sticking to your guns and making the MMO you guys wanted to make.  Some may call it derivative, some may call it a clone (and they'd be dead fucking wrong too), some may call it boring ... I don't care about that.  You made the MMO I've always wanted to play, the game I always wished WoW would have been.  The worlds, the design, the approach ... all of these are tailor-made for someone like me.  Thank you.

Thanks, TOR players.  You are nicer and far more civil than you could have been.  Thank you for bringing the community together, keeping it light and friendly, helpful and kind.  It's such a far cry from that elitist hell-hole of that 'other' game ... you know, the game that fostered an atmosphere where anonymous bullying was not only accepted but encouraged through random group finders and a no-consequences attitude displayed by employees.

And finally, thanks to all my guys and gals in Scum and Villainy.  You guys make it all worthwhile; without you I'd have no one to play with, joke with, laugh with.  Spork and boobs, ya'll!

Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire!


  1. + 500 dark side points for you mister.

    You totally had me! After reading Niq's post (over at theniquisition) about quitting the game, I was like : "Not two bloggers leaving on the same day!"


      In all honesty, I doubted this MMO would have the lasting appeal for some folks; it's different than WoW in very subtle ways and those ways take time to manifest. I expect an exodus of bloggers over next couple of months, but as always, they'll be replaced with fresh, new faces.