Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blog Bits and Hits

So, important milestone for me, fellow agents.  I've crested 3500 views for my little niche of cyberspace.  To a lot of you fellow bloggers that's probably an impossibly small number but for me it's sort of impressive.  My little writing experiment about an MMO has been more a labor of love than anything.  I write for me, to give myself something to do, to provide an outlet for some joy or frustration, simply to let my guildmates (who don't even read the damn thing) know important stuff that may or may not be happening soon(ish), or just try to be a little funny about this game.  The page I've had the most visits at was the Mass Effect 3 post (380+ hits) and the second?  My Server Types and You! post (which I had a hoot writing) at just under 200 hits.  My posting style is irregular and random, some weeks (like this week) I pump out 4-5 posts, others only 1 a week (if I'm lucky).  I lead my posts with little RP bits from my agent's point of view and I try to be humorous or comical.  Sometimes it works, other times ... yeah, not so much.  I've written 71 entries (this will be 72!) and I usually get about 15 hits per post; some are more popular than others.  Hell, some only get 2 or 3 hits, period.

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to see hundreds and hundreds of hits on this blog; all those eyes peeled for what I have to say.  Then I see something like this.  And that's when I realize that I like stuff small.  I like a small group of you guys who come to see my inane ramblings, a select clique of folks who all comment on each others' stuff and generally make snarky comments, post silly screencaps, and generally share the love we have for this new-fangled Star Wars game.

Tobold's post seems to me to be, and remember this only my incredibly stupid interpretation of it, needlessly antagonistic.  I guess I'm just not into that sort of thing.  Kicking the hornet's nest and then watching everyone get stung is just not my idea of fun.  One could argue that Tobold and Klep and Gevlon are much more professional writers than I am (or could ever hope to be) and that they are tackling much larger topics that have far-reaching effects.  I write about silly stuff like server stereotypes and how agents are the best class evar (which they totally are, trustori) and that will probably never launch me into the SWTOR blogosphere elite, but I'm ok with that.  I can be an also-ran who just puts out silly stuff occasionally.  I think I'd prefer it.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is this: for those of you who read my crap on a consistent basis ... thank you.  Thanks for giving me the thrill of seeing 30 views on a particular post, or seeing a new comment, or getting added to a blogroll.  For you guys it may just be old hat, business as usual, 30 hits is nothin'.  For me it's important because good LORD someone actually reads this shit?

Maybe I should apologize instead of thank ya'll!


  1. I'm completely with you about liking to keep it small. I've never been a big blogger, but still, back when I wrote about WoW I actually started to dread WoW Insider linking to me sometimes because it would inevitably result in some random people leaving comments that were rude or had nothing to do with what I wrote, and it stressed me out to no end. I'd rather have only a handful of commenters but be able to trust them.

    And thank you for writing as you do! I was initially hesitant about adding you to my blogroll because you're such a dirty Imp, but I really grew to love your style. You have a unique voice, a solid sense of humour, and you're not afraid of using strong language to get your point across - something that honestly appeals to me in an "I wouldn't want to say it like that but I'm glad someone is saying it" kind of way. :P

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from. My little corner of the net is also small, and I prefer it that way. I write for myself and my guildmates. Yeah other people stumble onto it from time to time, and I've made some friends from other servers because of it. But I get the biggest satisfaction from the silly in-jokes and banter that happens between my guildies in the comments.