Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snap Shot: Things I Don't Miss (That I Thought I Would)

I raided on two separate enhancement shaman.  Yeah.
Time is money, friend!
One of my 6 shaman.
So, it's been almost 10 months since I saw these two guys.  Strange thing, really.  For as much love and heart as I poured into them, I don't really miss them at all.  Maybe I had already mentally said goodbye to them before I ever quit, maybe I just don't love the game anymore.  Either way, these two were my pride and joy for the better part of three years (after retiring my first, Neverender) and yet, in an odd way, I don't even remotely want to play them anymore.  I guess, for me, these two old, tired warriors have finally earned a restive spot on some beach where they can talk shop about axes and maces and ghost wolves.  After yesterday's poll, I really thought I'd feel the tug to play this game again.

I don't.  And frankly that just means I made the right decision.  Happy trails Brewtotem and Ancestor.  You were definitely fun while you lasted ... but your time is done.  Kick back, have a Darkmoon Ale on me, and enjoy your retirement.  Maybe you can make an appearance, reincarnated of course, in SWTOR one day ...


  1. I confess when I quit playing WoW, I had major separation anxiety from my NE Druid, my main from day one. But I managed to engineer some closure by logging her off in the Moonglade with her favorite armor set, saying she was entering the Emerald Dream.

    Having such a formal "way out" is an advantage to playing a Druid, I guess.

    Or else I'm just weird. Wouldn't be the first time.

    1. Is it bad that I can't even remember where I logged these guys off at? I think Ancestor is in the Tauren hut in Orgrimmar in Cow-Town (Tauren district). Brewtotem is logged off ... I think it's the inn in Stormwind in the Dwarven District? Thinking about it makes me feel bad because I should remember where I parked them. I guess I'm more divorced from WoW than even *I* realized.