Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snap Shot: Travel Alert!

This is Sarbo Oxley with a travel alert!  Imperial authorities have shut off all traffic to Tatooine, citing a health hazard.  The Imperial Transit Bureau has declined to comment further.  Stay tuned to Nova News for more on this breaking development.

And now to Thruster Torq with the latest Huttball standings ...

Lock and load, agents!  Just a quick hit ... I've been ultra busy playing the new 1.2 content and having a blast.  Councillor, Targeter's twin Chiss brother, has been seeing a lot of action lately.  Apparently though, he's seen too much action ...

Ruh roh.  Councillor looks green.  In fact ... he doesn't look well at all.

WHAT THE FUCK?!  This happened shortly before I exploded and died.  Yeah, so that rakghoul plague is serious business, guys.  Sounds like it needs some Targeter action!

I fear no disease.

1 comment:

  1. I know where you can obtain a very effective vaccine, if credits are no object...