Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Week in Rage: What WoW Has Become

I've only done one "Your Week in Rage" before, dedicating the entire post to bashing on douchenozzles that like to bag on stuff because it's cool.  Well, today I'm going to go off the handle again.

So, this weekend I did what I swore I'd never do.  I played WoW.

*insert dramatic music*

One of my TOR guildmates still actively plays WoW.  We were chit-chatting this weekend and he mentioned that he was a mount collector (an activity I thoroughly enjoyed in WoW as well).  He mentioned that he never got the Scroll of Resurrection mount and I said, rather innocently, "Toss me one and we'll see if we can get it."  Unfortunately for him, it requires 30 days of playtime to be bought before the mount can be awarded.  That shit simply won't happen.  Not now.  Because I've never hated WoW more than I do right now.

I'll have to be honest; I was a tad excited to be logging back into the game again.  TOR's sort of hit a lull for me lately - we've cleared Karagga's Palace and Eternity Vault and we're getting ready for hardmodes and Denova, my alts have sort of ground to a halt, and we've had the past week off of raiding (Mother's Day, RL stuff, etc).  I felt it was a good time for a quick change of pace.  A vacation of sorts, a merry jaunt in days of yore.

What I got was a barren game world devoid of communication, a world far more dead than TOR-haters claim our game to be.  It was a desolate wasteland with no activity.  What few characters that were there were waiting in some LFG queue for a dungeon or battleground or raid.  General chat was completely silent.  So was Trade.

That's right, even TRADE.  In a capital city!  To be fair, I was over on the Horde.  Our old server (Blackwater Raiders - RP) was never a bustling hub of activity with PUG raids going off every 10 minutes (well, actually it was in Wrath of the Lich King).  I didn't expect to see hundreds of people chatting it up, hanging out, doing stuff.  But I definitely did not expect the ten characters I *did* see to be standing in place and occasionally vanishing.  'Screw this,' I thought to myself and jumped over on the Alliance.

It was even worse.  The Dwarven District of Stormwind was fairly active, as was the main trade section.  General chat was dead, as was Trade.  In fact, I even typed in "/1 So is anyone doing anything for fun?  Old raids, RP, anything like that?"  The only response I got was from some druid next to me who pointed and laughed.  This went on for two hours.  I eventually hooked up Horde-side with some old guildmates of mine and we ran a 5-person Ulduar run for transmog purposes (which is a stinkin' cool system, fyi).  And to be doubly fair, the MoP beta is going on right now and it's the end-of-expansion blues ... these all contribute.  But I've been through the expansion blues and I don't ever remember the server being that devoid of life ... of communication.  It was ridiculous.

It just further cemented my opinion of the game.  It has gone from a social game to a lobby game.  If you stand in place and wait in a queue all day, you are playing a lobby game.  Sorry, but them's the facts.  I don't mind a PVP queue.  I don't even mind an instance queue (if done properly).  But a raid queue?  Really?  Really.

Welp, this weekend just solidified things for me.  The WoW that I loved to play is dead and gone.  And it ain't never comin' back. 


  1. The WoW I loved to play ended with the start of Cataclysm. (Appropriate name, I thought.) I loved my guild (and still love the people with whom I keep in touch), but the developers broke my Druid. (I dealt with it for roughly 10 months.) So when certain RL events happened, it made sense to enter the Emerald Dream. Could I log on? Sure. But I could never go back . . . (I've already received two Scrolls of Resurrection and haven't followed through on either.)

  2. I took up a scroll the other week and logged back on to my old faithful hunter, 1st time since before christmas. I was kinda fun, for a bit. The muscule memory of the twitchy gameply took a while to come back to me, but it got there. I did a LFR and a few instances. I will say that on my EU server the cities were rammed solid full of players and trade chat was as busy as ever with trolls and people forming raids. As ever, crashing towards us is the 'but' - the randoms with were almost without exception asshats of the highest order who still - STILL - hadn't the basic grasp of how to play that game, either with any form of skill or human decency. I logged to talk with old friends and guildies, of which there were many still playing and loving it...not for me. WotLK was it for me, I've hated Cata since about week 2.