Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free to Play Fuckcrap

I know that Frank Gibeau recently opened a can of worms when he cracked his yap about the possibility of SWTOR going free to play at some point in an undetermined future.  There's been a lot of crowing and chest-beating about SWTOR's ultimate demise and this really only whipped the lonely ladyboy trolls of the internet into a frenzy.  Case in point.  Even some bloggers (who have been known to troll before) are getting into the act.  Ok, enough.  Seriously.  Here's the actual quote in all its glory.  What it says is this:

  • EA is going to embrace the 'free to play' model completely at some point in the future
  • SWTOR is not going free to play any time soon
  • SWTOR WILL be getting new types of free access (free trial in July, perhaps no box cost?)
  • SWTOR has new content coming
  •  EA is confident people will be playing SWTOR for 10 or 15 years

Frank Gibeau, courtesy of GamesIndustry International:

"We're really proud of Star Wars. We're really excited about the launch. We've had tremendously positive feedback from our fans and our subscribers. You're right, it is a complex and difficult market out there on the PC because of the availability of free-to-play products like our own, like World of Tanks, League of Legends... WoW is a free download that you pay a subscription to after a period of time. We're cognizant - we see that," Gibeau told us.
Gibeau stressed that EA will continue to evaluate the business around Star Wars and implement changes as needed, so free-to-play isn't out of the question at all (indeed, BioWare recently said as much too).

"We're going to be in the business from a long term standpoint so absolutely we're going to embrace free access, free trial, ultimately some day we can move in and embrace that model. It's all a matter of timing and thinking things through. We have a great business right now and we're not looking to make any abrupt changes. We made some good announcements in terms of giving you the first few levels free, because our telemetry told us that if we can get you to around level 8 or 9, you stick with us for the long term. So really the strategy right now is about opening up the funnel at the top so we can acquire more customers who are interested in Star Wars who perhaps aren't ready to pay the full price," Gibeau continued.

"[We want to give them] an opportunity to try and it and say, 'You know, I really do like this. I'm going to make that commitment.' MMOs, obviously, are a big commitment of time and money and so giving people an opportunity to access it for free, try it, we found in our telemetry and our experiments is a really good strategy and a good tactic. We're going to do that. We also announced a... mass amount of content thats coming for the service, so we're going to be in the Star Wars business for ten years, who knows? We're still publishing Ultima Online for seventeen years. So we're definitely going to be in the Star Wars business for a long time and if the business changes in accordance with how the market is reacting, then that's just good process for us since we're trying to create the best possible service for our gamers."

We asked Gibeau if he's absolutely confident that a decade from now EA would still have people playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. He answered, "I am, actually. We're still playing Dark Age of Camelot, we're still playing Warhammer, we're still playing Ultima Online, we're still playing Runescape, we're still playing Lineage. What's beautiful about an MMO is that when you get to a certain scale it stays with the program for a long time."

Part of lasting a decade or more will obviously involve being flexible with business models. "The advent of free-to-play is certainly a change in the dynamic of the PC market. I don't think subscriptions ever go away, but when you have an IP as broad as Star Wars, we're definitely going to look at opportunities to grow that business and look at different ways of bringing customers in and serving them," Gibeau said.

There.  Now you can read it and make your own decisions, rather than relying on fucktard bloggers more concerned with crowing over SWTOR's rather exaggerated death knell.


  1. Like I said in response to Cleeyah's post on the subject, there is a sizeable chunk of MMO players, bloggers and journalists who are absolutely obsessed with having everything available as F2P. Basically, unless a developer says that they'll never, ever, in a million years even consider a F2P model, those people will conclude that the game will be F2P "soon". Actually, even if a developer did say that, the community response would just be that they are lying/deluded/whatever, and the game will still go F2P eventually. :P There is no winning with these people.

    1. Inorite?! Had a few friends come to me and say, "LOL HURD TOR WUZ F2P LULZ." Showed 'em the quote and then they understood. Seriously, people just have a hard-on for hate. I don't get it.

  2. Should I be afraid that my creative swearing is making its rounds on the internet?

    On the basic topic at hand... people tend to bitch and moan about things that MIGHT happen and "WOE IS ME" when the gaming industry is very fluid. How many times has something appeared on the test server and people go "ohnoes this is game breaking!!!" Well, sometimes it doesn't make it to live. And if it does, sometimes it isn't as game-breaking as originally thought. Or if it is THAT bad, people adapt - or they change mains or change games.

    TL;DR due to the changing nature of video games and MMOs in particular, I try not to get my panties in a bunch until I'm reasonably sure that whatever THING I object to has already occurred or will occur, for certain and very soon.

    1. Fuckcrap has now made it into my lexicon. Once learned, it cannot be unlearned.

      Also, I shouldn't be surprised that MMO players are the whiniest, bitchiest, most ridiculous people on the planet; most of them are so reactionary and chicken little over the craziest stuff. Ugh, I hates them! Not you guys though.