Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pack Your Bags!

I'm a little shocked to be honest.  The North American servers that are targeted for transfers are ... well, they're a little perplexing.  Keller's Void (aka Helen's Hole) is moving to Jedi Covenant (the second most populated server in the US).  Keller's Void was already a decently busy place by all accounts, hosting the guild known as AIE (from The Instance podcast fame) as well as several other large guilds.  I suspect many, many players will be taking advantage of this.  And Hedarr Soongh wins the server transfer lottery by getting the ability to move to The Fatman, the most populated server in TOR.  Soresu's moving to The Harbinger (that was one of the servers I had an eye on for transfer), and Rakata Mind Prison is moving to The Bastion.

Basically, lower pop servers (save for Keller's Void) are moving on to much, MUCH higher pop servers, which is exactly the opposite of how I thought it would be.  I was thinking that the lower pop servers would be getting transfers *from* higher servers to help even out the balance.  This move from BioWare tells this ol' agent one thing ...

They get it.  They totally, completely get it. 

They don't want 200 decently populated servers.  They want 100 heavily populated servers.  For the first time in a long time, I feel that BioWare completely understands its playerbase (at least, most of us).  Look, the closure of servers is going to look bad no matter which way you spin it.  By serving its playerbase in the best way possible (putting folks on high pop servers) you can guarantee a vibrant, active community full of stuff to do.  What the transfer servers represent, outside of Helen's Hole, are some of the absolute lowest populations out there.  By putting them on the busiest servers, they probably don't actually increase the server load all that much and they'll inject a new swagger on the destination servers.

This is absolutely a step in the right direction.  I fully applaud it.  Now c'mon, lets put some new folks on Shien!


  1. See, I had the opposite reaction. If they are consolidating instead of balancing the population, what happens to the origin servers? The way they are doing it right now it's inevitable that lots of people will get left behind, whether because they don't know about server transfers, are only moderately active, or simply liked the server as it was.

    Are they just going to let dozens of depleted and dead servers just sit there? Probably not, but if they are going to close/merge servers, then they should just do that instead of doing bitty transfers that will fragment existing guilds and server communities. :[

    1. I have to believe at some point the origin servers will be closed down or moved to "new player" servers or trial servers like RIFT (remember that level 1-15 F2P trial is coming in July). I don't realistically expect everyone (or even half) of the players on a server to take advantage of the service, but for those of us languishing on a low-pop server, the prospect of moving to a new one or getting brand new neighbors is definitely exciting.

      In the near future, I'm betting that you'll see these weekly 'free transfers' to servers that are ailing to help bolster the population.

    2. And to be totally fair and honest, we can admit that TOR has about 20 servers too many on the US side. Let's be honest ... they'll have to consolidate them at one point or another. That'll involve some real pain and anguish for those getting their home shut down, but such is life in MMOs. They'll have to pick up and move to a new home with more folks on it.