Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your Forty-Ninth Assignment: Positively Charged

There seems to be more people around, agent.

You're right Kaliyo.  Afraid you have some competition now?

Please, agent, we all know you'd be useless without me around.

That's true enough.  Well, let's go be social.  Put on your pretty face, please.

Screw you, agent.

Lock and load, fellow agents!  So the server transfers/mergers/migrations are all done and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  I know I've not blogged in a bit and there's a good reason for it ... I've been busy in-game.  I haven't logged this much game-time since launch.  I'm adding old players, actively recruiting, doing pvp (with damn-near instant queues!), getting the guild bank organized, and mulling a guild merger with some rather nice folks from our old server to bolster our raid team and possibly venture into 16-person operations.  All in all, a very, exciting time for a SWTOR player.

But I have noticed a few grumpy faces in the crowd.  And I understand; change can be a pain in the ass and totally a fun-sucking hell-pit.  For them, I give you my reaction to the transfers in MLP:FIM form (especially Shintar!) as a demonstration of what they can anticipate when they log into their new home:

Pinkie Pie discovers she's transferring to Ebon Hawk

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  1. I transferred my agent and, while I am enjoying the faster PVP queues, I am not enjoying the slightly choppy lag on fleet. Oh, well. I don't have to do anything terribly precise on fleet, so I guess it doesn't really matter much if I run into a wall every so often on my speeder. (It makes a difference when you go from 45 people on the fleet to 250 . . .)