Monday, July 9, 2012


Edit: I'm not alone!  Our favorite warlock feels the same way.

You ever love to play a game but never log in?  That's where I am right now with TOR.  Oh, I'm not quitting or anything so dramatic, I just kinda feel like ... blah.  Maybe it's the summer, maybe it's what's going on right now in my personal life, maybe I'm just burned out.  Maybe my guild woes have sapped me dry.  I dunno.  Perhaps I need that proverbial break, a chance to recharge my TOR batteries?

This was brought home to me over the weekend when my wife said, "I'd thought you'd be on The Old Republic."  I was playing a game I picked up on Steam over the weekend called Endless Space (a fantastic 4x turn-based strategy game) and was having a blast when she asked me why I wasn't on TOR.  To be honest, I couldn't quite tell her why ... I love playing TOR and I love the stories and whatnot, but I just couldn't be assed to log in.  I think a lot of it has to do with the commitment that TOR demands of me and the rather carefree nature of summer.  You know what, MMO?  I don' WANNA carve out a huge block of time to play ya!  WHATCHA SAY 'BOUT DAT!  I wanna play what I wanna play and I don't give a toot-rootin' damn 'bout whatchoo think!

To be fair, this is sort of a pattern with me.  Occasionally I'll just drift out for a bit and play another game.  Like lately I've been on Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 (since they released the Extended Cut DLC).  I had my dalliances with Skyrim and ME3 before, as well as Minecraft too.  Like all things, this too will pass but for the moment I'm leaving folks holding the bag on TOR.  That's the part I hate the most, really.

It may also have a lot to do with the fact that sometimes TOR pulls me in too many directions at once.  I've got severe altitis on that game and the pressure of playing so many different dudes gets to me!  I know it sounds dumb, but hopefully a few of you understand.

I don't know what I'll do; maybe I'll just log into TOR and play anyways, maybe I'll declare a 'Summer of Gaming' and go an odyssey through my backlog of titles, or maybe I'll just go outside and stare at the sun.  Who knows?  Blegh.

Fly safe, shoot straight!  For the glory of the Empire ... and summer!

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  1. Take a break, have yourself some fun. It's normal. I did, too (back, when ME3 hit the shelves and I was starting to learn oriental dancing).

    It took me about two months to come back to TOR, but then I was able to enjoy it again.