Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Georg Zoeller Leaves Bioware

The shakeup at Bioware-Austin continues.  Georg Zoeller, Principle Lead Combat Designer (and who some believe are responsible for the early failures in PVP) has left Bioware for a job in Singapore.  I never really had a problem with him or his decisions, even if he came off a little sarcastic or abrupt in his exchanges with beta testers.  Best of luck, Georg!  It looks like Austin Peckinpaugh has taken over his duties.  Let's hope this new direction culminates in a healthier game.


  1. I find that quite disheartening actually. He was the guy who was always talking about the importance of preserving server community in interviews.

    1. Don't worry; Daniel Erickson, Lead Designer and basically the head honcho, is all about server communities and is an adamant defender of single-server only group tools. Now if Daniel were to leave ... then I'd get legitimately worried. But Georg leaving isn't a surprise and it's not too terrible ... he was behind the 1.2 pvp changes that sort of destroyed the balance for a while.