Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Powering Down

Agent, why are we in Mos Isla?  Where's your rifle?  Why are you in a hammock!

I'm relaxing, Kaliyo.  Please get out of my sun.  Oh, and hand me that drink.

That thing smells like freighter coolant.  On fire.

It's called a Tatooine Sunburn.  Be a dear and grab that lotion too.

If you even think about asking me to lather you, I'll stab you in the crotch.

In sharp contrast to Spinks, who seems to be winding up to enter the operations game in SWTOR, I'm shuttin' 'er down.  That's right; I'm hanging up my operatin' shoes and going full-on casual.  Not casual in the bad sense of the word (lolbadz casualz ruinin da gamez!) but in the good way; consuming content casually, on my own schedule, at my own pace.  Workin' on nobody's time but my own.  Because, you see ... I have a lot of spare time now.  After all, I've stepped away from my GMing duties and Scum and Villainy is essentially shutting down.  It's an ignoble yet inevitable end to my little guild, the baby I built from the ground up and nurtured for a year and a half before the game even launched, but as all things in life, eventually you must let go.  My guild really died on Shien and that's what I'll concentrate on ... the good times we had on our old server, the excitement of discovering a new game, and the slow, steady decline to oblivion as friend after friend left the game.

My guild dying slowly isn't really an indictment of the game; it's the dawning realization on some of the playerbase that TOR simply isn't for them.  The hardcore grinders who labor endlessly on a brutal gear curve, the obsessive gatherers who fill reputation bars for long-lost factions, the crafting gestapo who hunt down years-old recipes for obscure items that no one will ever use, the fanatical roleplayers who seek to shape their own stories completely separate of the main game ... this game isn't really for you.  At least, not yet it isn't.

And you know what?  That's ok.

TOR is its own wacky beast.  Its got a smattering of raiding here, a bit of story there, a smidgen of collector stuff (datacrons) over there, some wonky space combat, and some beautiful graphics all around.  Call it what you want: a single-player game wrapped in an MMO, space-WoW, KOTOR 3 through 10 ... call it anything you like.  What I'll call it is my favorite MMO of all time.  And for folks like me, TOR is a god-send, a shot in the dark, a clarion call for everything we could have wanted in an MMO and some things we didn't even know we wanted but got anyways.  It's so great simply for this one fact; it makes no demands of you.  There aren't crushing daily grinds at level cap for reputation gear.  There aren't back-breaking raids that require months of strategy and wipes.  There aren't brutally hard instances that punish singular mistakes with complete party death.  There's none of that.  None.

What is there is a game that makes no demands on my time.  I don't have to log in every day so I don't miss my dailies.  I don't grind rep.  Gear is relatively easy to come by.  Operations are fun and story-driven.  The leveling experience ... well the leveling is outstanding.  Truly the only time I've played an MMO where I've wanted to see more than one character at a time.  It's fantastic.

In short, it's the perfect MMO for those of us who can't log in every day.  Who need to do other stuff occasionally.

And don't think of this as a snarky send-up of those who enjoy the progression curve of MMOs or hardcore collecting.  Those things will come in time to TOR, I truly believe it.  But for right now, for a certain section of the MMO fanbase, TOR's hitting all the right buttons.  And it feels amazing.

Edit: Shintar rightfully pointed out that grinding for PVP gear is pretty horrendous.  I concur!


  1. Behind the QQing about the endgame is the implication that everyone must want to raid or ur doin it rong. There is no doin it rong!

  2. I really could not agree more. I wish I had more time to play, but just don't. I have yet to get any of my 4-5 toons to 50 and am just enjoying the various stories. I've yet to get into an op or whatever they call the 4-man content (even with the advent of LFG...though I suppose that I really ought to). This game is just the right balance and I know that when (or admittedly if) I want to take advantage of the MMO aspect it is right there waiting for me. Now, point me to the bar so I can get one of those Tatooine Sunburns!

  3. If you think that this game has nothing to grind for, you've obviously never attempted to get into full War Hero gear! ;)

    That said, I agree with the general idea that it's a more laid back game than WoW for example.

    1. Only nerds PVP.

      No but seriously, the War Hero grind is pretty extensive. I'll amend my post. THANKS SHINTAR.

  4. It would be hilarious if they actually incorporated hammocks in the game . . .

    Seriously, I have been enjoying being a casual in SWTOR. I was a "serious" person for 3.5 years in WoW, and it's nice not having to worry about the raiding schedule or the out of raid commitments. (Besides, I just don't have the time to be "serious" anymore.)