Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bioware's Broken Promises

Now, if you've been following me for any amount of time, you'll know that I'm several things: up-beat (generally), an ardent defender of SWTOR, an unrepentant Bioware fanboy, and all-around smart-ass.  But I'm going to go ahead and be completely honest with ya'll.

I don't trust Bioware anymore.  Not one fucking iota.

If you read my post earlier concerning James Ohlen's Lie-apalooza in December, you'll see a bit of what I'm talking about.  You can also see what Joveth Gonzalez, Community Manager said yesterday as well.  I'm sure Joveth's a good guy and all and I certainly appreciate his effort, but this is exactly the same fucking thing he said in May.  Almost word for word.  More communication was promised.  A re-emphasis on the community.  'Hey, we're listening!'  So, Bioware, why should I be any more inclined to believe you now?  You've not listened to use for a long time, and I'm almost positive as this game transitions to a free-to-play cash shop that you'll listen to us even less.  We'll just be walking wallets to you by then.

Yeah, you read that right.  Targeter's officially fed up with this bullshit.

You could say that I got a little angry when I read Joveth's little missive on Wednesday.  That would be an understatement.  Understatement of the fucking year, actually.  So how many times are we, the loyal, paying customers going to be fed the same line of shit?  How many times are we going to take the bait while Bioware VPs laugh all the way to the bank (though less of a bank than what they expected to have)?  How many times must we pitiful few, the only ones we actually stood by Bioware as they faltered repeatedly, be shit on?  How much are we expected to take?  How much, Bioware?

You've got writers teasing us over Twitter with new content, only then to have it pulled back with the dreaded 'Soon!' caveat attached.  We've been wallowing without any content updates since April.  APRIL.  Think about that shit.  APRIL.  That's four goddamn months.  And even then, 1.2 introduced Explosive Conflict (which is currently bugged, ROFL, and doesn't feature a Nightmare mode) and a couple of flashpoints (which were actually pretty good).  That's about it.  Sure we got a group finder and ranked warzones, yippy fucking yay.  What's the point to a group finder if we have jack squat to do? 

Oh and then there was this gem.

Yeah, you saw that right.  The CE I paid $150.00 for in November is now $29.99 at Gamestop.


I've reactivated my World of Warcraft sub and picked up a Founder's Pack for MechWarrior Online.  I plan on getting Mists of Pandaria too, because as douchey as Blizzard can be, I've never felt that they've lied to me constantly.  SWTOR, it's now on you to make me want to play your game.  You've had 9 months and done a decent job but now you have competition.

Good luck, Bioware.  You're gonna need it.

EDIT: I'm not quitting TOR, obviously.  I'm just saying that Bioware is no longer infallible in my eyes (I told you I was a fanboy ... er, former fanboy) and they're going to have to earn my custom just like everyone else.  And I'm raging a bit.  It's my blog and I can rage if I want to.  So neener neener.


  1. Got to love the Gonzales post. I'm dying to find out Allison Berryman's favourite colour.

    To be fair to BW, though, those releases often come across as grinning through the sweat with EA and George holding them at gunpoint somewhere out of sight.

    It is tough to remain loyal to the game, but I've opted for a cooldown break rather than outright abandonment, myself. Not ready for the panda gutter.

    1. I'm honestly just tired of being led by the nose by Bioware. Sure, it's my fault for taking what they say at face value but enough is enough. Just like every other game, they're now going to have to earn my gaming dollar. No more free passes.

  2. In parts I share your frustration, but on the other hand I'm with Soresu above in that a lot of it feels like Bioware is being put under pressure and can't help it to a certain extent. Also, I'm still enjoying the hell out of the game and wouldn't quit it solely over bad public relations.

    Where I don't quite follow is how Bioware's missteps suddenly make WoW an attractive game again, especially after what you've said about it before. Also, you complain about no new SWTOR content since April, but WoW hasn't had any since December...

    1. I've always enjoyed WoW in the past and left the game because Cataclysm just rubbed in all the wrong ways; but SWTOR's stumbling hasn't made WoW more attractive, it's just made my gaming budget more selective. I'll let you in on a secret; my WoW sub has been active for three months now. I do enjoy popping in there from time to time, to do old raids or hang out with old friends.

      The whole point of my post was not 'LOL TOR SUX!' It's more like a hardcore fan finally had his back broken by Bioware. BW's on equal footing with every other developer and they're going to have to earn my gaming dollar from here on out. Right now, they're not doing a great job of making me want to stay.

  3. Remember when WoW was so desperate to bring people back that they offered a free lvl 80 and a free server transfer? So you could play with your friends? Even though I was unsubbed at the time, I was pissed off. I had friends who had been loyally subbing all this time and they got jack shit. No free levels, no free transfers, no free game time. They had just paid for transfers too, for multiple toons. OUCH.

    Now, from Blizzard's point of view, this makes sense, because right now they are getting money from subscribers, so there is no incentive to entice the people already playing. They want to capture the malcontents. At the same time, it feels like you're sitting in the car with your brother, and he's screaming his head off, and you're quietly behaving, and your mom turns around and gives HIM a cookie to make him shut up rather than giving YOU a cookie for being good.

    And there's the essential tension there - between them trying to get money from a demographic currently not giving money, and us going ... don't we get ANYTHING for our loyalty? (The answer to that is no, because they are already getting our money, duh.)

    1. We do get some Cartel Coins and stuff. And I get a thousand extra because I paid $150 for a CE that's now $30. So, like ... yeah. Yay.

      God damn I'm so ragey right now.