Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EA @ Gamescom - TOR News!

Well, well, well.  New Bioware Austin GM Matthew Bromburg (creator of the MGL and successor to Bioware founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk) introduced a few minutes of TOR news at the EA presentation today.  Apparently, we're getting the new operation, TERROR FROM BEYOOOOOND! (yes, I will capitalize it every ... single ... time) next month!  And more space missions and a new warzone (Ancient Hypergates) in the coming months too.  He reemphasized the need to produce 'more frequent updates' but let's be honest; we've heard this song and dance before from the boy and gals in Austin.  I'll hold judgement until they can prove that they're capable of doing it.

Here's the video (fast forward to 51:00 to get to the TOR stuff):

Looks promising.  Let's hope BW can deliver!

Needs some TLC.

Those aerial fins aren't really all THAT useful.  Right?

Only one engine means it reduces the carbon footprint.  Al Gore would be so proud.
**UPDATE!  Thanks to Cykryst of <Syndicate> on Ebon Hawk, I was able to snap some screenies of the new event speeder, the Hyrotii Scrapper, a 90% Level 1 speeder (level 1, really?) that actually looks really awesome!  It's all banged up and smoking and coursing with electricity!**


  1. They didn't mention HK, I wonder if they're planning to sell that content.

    1. I'm betting he'll have his debut alongside Ancient Hypergates, to give the PVEers something to do while the PVPers whine incessantly about how every class but theirs needs a nerf.

      But BW could surprise me ... HK-51 and Makeb would create two core 'must-have' properties in the cash shop and would definitely drive revenue.