Monday, August 20, 2012

Free to Play Fuckcrap: SHUT HICKMAN UP Edition

Oh sweet baby Yoda on a biscuit, please someone SHUT JEFF HICKMAN THE FUCK UP!

You answered a lot of question about the F2P model that you are going to be providing, but there are still some small things that we would like to find about. Will subscribers have to play for any kind of content? So, while it was just a subscriber game you would pay for a major expansion, but right now; I am guessing you are currently focusing more on smaller content…


What (if anything) will subscribers have to pay for after F2P launches?

I wish I had a solid answer for you on that. We’re still in discussion about some of the larger content updates that we’re planning. Great example is the planet Makeb. We’ve talked about Makeb, we have a lot of plans around Makeb. I wish I could give you more details, but I can tell you that I think the playerbase is going to be really, really pleased. More story content. New and interesting things for the players to do. More systems and interesting functions in the game … I can’t go into a lot of detail, but around things like that … This is a pretty big piece (of content). It is probably all that I can say. It is definitely still for discussion whether we sell that to the subscriber or the subscriber gets that for free because it is a big beefy chunk of content.

Yeah.  He just said that for realsies.  Subscribers look like they'll be paying for content right alongside the free to play folks.  Yeah, you just heard that.  He, like actually said this to a website that covers TOR.  Where people, most likely TOR players, will read it.

Subscribers will probably have to pay for Makeb and other story content.  Gonna be honest ... don't love this idea.  And by 'don't love', I mean 'I fucking hate this idea and I think this is the worst idea since the Maginot Line.'  Oh, but it gets better!
The major question about F2P; when any F2P project is announced or talked about is what’s gonna be in the cash shop? Lets just put this question out there in as plain and as simple form as possible. What’s your stance on Pay to Win?

Pay to win is not something that we like. I don’t want to unbalance the game by putting things out on the store that somebody can walk in on day one, buy and be the winner. Having said that, there will be some things that we put out in the store that do enhance power value in some way, but not at the top end. Trying to think of a good example. We may put a medium level blue piece of armor on the cash shop for example. We might do that. We haven’t decided and we’re still talking about this, but it’s one of those things it is like … most players will have something better than this anyway, but if you don’t here’s the way that you can get a leg up to at least make you equal with the normal players. That is kind of where our thinking is at, but we are still discussing it. But we do not believe in Pay to Win.

Paying for story content AND getting stat gear from the shop?  I'm going to be in the corner.  Crying.


  1. Don't cry until you find out what is really going to happen. It's entirely possible he misspoke. I think it would be silly to make subscribers pay for story content; after all, they're already paying.

    1. I would like to agree but the little voice in my head is screaming hysterically.

  2. Honestly, if they don't give Makeb free to subscribers, they are going to find they don't have a lot of subscribers :).

    They already are giving away most of what I want for free. Since I don't do instances or warzones, the only difference between the two models for me:

    1.) Access to all character slots.
    2.) Access to the GTN.

    It's already making sense for me to cancel the sub and buy access to these two features as an unlock. I think a lot of people will do what I'm doing come F2P time...

  3. I freely admit that if I have to pay for content on top of subscribing because I want to raid I will quit right then and there. This is the line I won't cross.

    I pray that Hickman was wrong because I won't give money to a company I feel is ripping me off.

  4. This is stupid bullshit. I will be paying a subscription to have access to raids - and a bunch of shit I don't even use. Like pvp. I hate pvp. And space? I'm too motion sick to play space. But I pay full price for the sub knowing that I am not accessing huge chunks of content. To pay on top of that? Ew.

    1. Your comment system hates my phone. Xoxo Njessi.