Friday, August 17, 2012


In honor of my rage-boner over Sunny's podcast.  I am a frothing fanboy.

Well, this sucks.  My favorite podcast on the planet, Sunny's Diner, is shutting down.  Citing the need to 'move away from TOR,' Sunny is moving on to a multi-gaming podcast.  This is sad.  Very sad.  I enjoyed Sunny's Diner to an IMMENSE degree.  Sunny and Radicool were podcasters 'for the rest of us.'  They explored the game from the casual point of view, with an eye towards the cerebral part of the game.  Sunny, the host, was just fantastic in both charisma and demeanor.  Radicool was the offbeat counterpart that perfectly complemented the show.

Now they're gone.  It leaves me to wonder ... how many more SWTOR podcasts will fall to the wayside?  Sunny's Diner joins the long list of TOROCast (although no one really misses them), GPR, TOR-Talk, Mos Eisley Radio (still hanging on, I guess), TORMonger, among others.  And more importantly, are podcasters dropping off because they are no longer interested in the game or because the game wasn't "IT" for them?

Sunny cites unrealistic expectations for his departure and a feeling of 'being done'  and 'bored.'  He also stated that he doesn't really roll alts, which is sorta like, what TOR is all about.  I can't say I blame him, but it still makes me sad.  I know I've had my frustrations with the game, and at times have gone frothing rage-boy all over the place, but I've not really ever entertained thoughts of leaving the game.  Even if I stopped paying my sub (which I haven't!), I'd still hang around and check in on TOR.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to truly 'quit' TOR ... this game has supplanted WoW as my must-have adventure.  It just simply scratches my itch.

Sunny lists a couple of things that would have kept him around:

Playing Alts - Sunny doesn't do alts.
End-Game Raiding - Sunny isn't a raider
Compelling Market - Sunny likes to play the GTN/auction house

Sunny and Radicool promise not to bash TOR and then spend the first 20 minutes or so ... bashing TOR.  Oh, it's not overt bashing.  They mainly just take issue with a lot of faults with the game, faults that they themselves have created with choices they make in the game.  If you choose not to roll alts in this game, you absolutely gimp yourself.  If you want world PVP and don't roll on a PVP server, then that's a 'you' problem.  The GTN problems ... well, that's pretty true.  The GTN was pretty awful at first, but its picked up quite a bit since 1.2.  I don't mind listing your problems with the game (hell, I do it all the time), but the feeling of 'over' these two guys have with the game is just saddening.  Especially since they portrayed themselves as such champions of the game for so long.  It annoys me.  It also annoyed me that Radicool laughed so hard and so long at the "TORtanic" comment.  Well, we know where he stands.

Sounds like Sunny and Radicool are moving on to the 'next great MMO', Guild Wars 2.  They never state it boldly, but it's what it sounds like to my ears.  I think Guild Wars 2 will be a good game, but I honestly doubt its status of "MMO JESUS" that so many have lumped on the game.  It looks like fun, I suppose.  It seems like more of the same.

In the end, it seems to me that Sunny and Radicool are bailing while they can.  Sunny seems to have greater designs for his podcast, something more 'general' and 'multi-game.'  Hey, that's great for them.  Good luck with that.  But, I won't be joining you.

Frankly, I find his reasons for leaving (and his entire 'Farewell' podcast) to be insulting and ridiculous.  They portray the game as no fun and tedious.  Glad they feel that way.  Glad they made 32 podcasts about the game they apparently dislike playing.  Glad they so arduously defended the game and then turned about-face so quickly.

Frankly, I'm glad I found out about how they really feel before I traipsed off to support them on their new podcast.  Oh, by the by Sunny.  I won't be following you on your new podcast.  Not because you left TOR ... because you showed us a false face for far too long.

I can guarantee you, readers, that the very moment I feel like I want to leave TOR, I will let you know.  I let you know how I feel about the game all the time anyways, really.  Just a recap of my current state of TOR:

F2P scares the shit out of me.
TOR is fun, but not as fun as I would like.
TOR operations are good, leveling is great, PVP is balanced, and post-launch content is piss-poor (quantity-wise).
TOR's planets are dead.
TOR's story is amazing.

There you go.  If any of that changes, you'll be the first to know.  You can take Sunny's Diner off of your favorites list now (or leave it on because Sunny's so damn nice.  Damn him.).


  1. That's a shame; I used to enjoy Sunny's as well. Sounds like his farewell episode ended up sounding a lot like the MER changeover one, where the old hosts were also moaning about why they didn't like the game anymore. Think I'll give that one a pass then.

    Very odd to think though that he barely released as many episodes after the game actually launched as he did before that date.

    1. It surprised me, Shinty (fyi that's totally your new nickname). I guess most adults have moved on from what this game SHOULD have been and are more curious about this game COULD be. Honestly, they seem a little too excited about leaving TOR ... how long have they not had fun in this game? I mean, seriously? How disingenuous can you get.

  2. I appreciate your comments and I'd like to address a few of them.

    First, you're entitled to your opinion and I'm thankful that you enjoyed our podcast for as long as you did.

    With regards to the false face you believe I've put on, I disagree. You make it sound as though for 33 episodes, I hated this game. I've never hated this game, nor do I hate it now. I'm simply moving on, and while I'm truly disappointed that I'm leaving TOR, I'm excited for the new direction that the podcast is going. I love interviewing, and this opens up a wide world of gamers to interview.

    I will gain almost nothing by leaving and will likely decimate my audience. I'm leaving TORWars, the most hit site in swtor and a guaranteed audience. I have never done a show where I was dishonest about my feelings about the game, and I hope that was apparent. As I stated, I poured over this decision in my heart for a while. Nobody wanted more from this game than me.

    I also said repeatedly that this was a personal decision for a variety of personal reasons. I don't play alts. This is a personal choice that has SEVERELY hamstrung me in this game. You point it out and I'll be the first to say, "absolutely!" I said as much in the podcast. My own personal style of gaming made certain aspects more difficult. This does not apply, nor should it hamper, anyone other than myself.

    Yes, I will try GW2. I may try other games as well, but nothing (and I mean this) nothing will surpass the excitement and hopes that I experienced leading up to swtor. It got me started in podcasting, and brought me back in touch with my best friend on a level we've not been since high school.

    I'm sorry you feel the way that you do, but I understand your frustrations. I wish you the best of luck.


    1. Wow, a reply from THE Mr. Sunny Ravencourt? I'm flabbergasted! And with a polite and respectful comment to my hate-fest? It makes it very hard for me to stay angry about this. How rude of you.

      I'll respectfully disagree with you on the 'false face' front ... it's probably hard to see from where you're sitting since like, it's your feelings and all. But from a fan's seat, it sure did feel disingenuous to say the least. I understand falling out of love with a game, but man, up to the very end you just seemed so enthralled with TOR. And then this.

      And yes, my post sounds vitriolic and hateful because ... well, it is. Fan is short for fanatic after all. I LOVED Sunny's Diner. Loved it. You were the best podcast out there, bar none. I'm thankful for the Fan-Site Summit blowup because I got to listen to you.

      So today's podcast, well, it sorta kicked me in the nads. So much of your decision-making just seemed to be nonsensical. Where was the Sunny who trumpeted this game? Where did that guy go? He sure was talking to Musco and acting very excited. He sure did have fun talking about patch 1.3. I guess I should have started being suspicious when your 'casts became sporadic, but hey you were switching hosts. I can understand.

      Alright, Sunny. Fair's fair. You're moving on and dammit I'm just going to have to accept it. Stop being so nice. Shit it's hard to stay angry in the face of a reasonable person.

      But I bet that was your plan all along!

  3. Last comment: You try interviewing musco and not being happy. That guy is like a thousand watt lightbulb.

    1. ROFL. Alright, Sunny ... alright. Consider me won over. Jesus you're too damn reasonable and nice. Fuck. Totally ruined my rage-boner.