Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Few and Far Between

Notice that I'm posting more irregularly?  Yeah, me too.  It's hard to write new posts about SWTOR because frankly, there's really nothing to write about.  Austin Peckinpaugh wrote a dev blog yesterday about PVP changes for 1.4.  I don't really PVP with any frequency to care.  Looks like some buffs and nerfs that could potentially affect some classes I don't play.  Hooray.

I could write about my recent foray into Explosive Conflict with my Republic friends in Vanguard of Norrath, but that's boring too.  It's a five boss operation that seemed rushed and sloppily put together.  It features a quasi-Twin Emperors boss set ripped straight from Ahn Quiraj, some tank bosses that were sorta interesting, a puzzle boss/minesweeper game that's more annoying than fun, and a final boss that played like a retarded version of Heigan and Mimiron's bastard love child.  I wasn't remotely impressed.  Eternity Vault grabbed me by the balls and let me know this was the new paradigm for raiding.  Karagga's Palace was dingy and remote; a true outpost of evil.  Denova is ... a planet full of Trandoshans who are annoying.  Um.  Ok.  Oh, and there are some Imperials there are who are general assholes.  K.  Got it.  Oh, and I guess it's a forest planet, so, like, that's cool.  And there's a video at the end that sorta teases the 'big bad' in the next operation.


So, what's left to post about SWTOR?  Uh, F2P is still coming.  No date yet.  Teeerrrrroooorrr Frooooom Beyyyyyoooooond is still coming, theoretically.  Maybe even this month, but hey Bioware only promised us this content so I don't expect them to actually deliver it.  Heh.  What else ... no word on HK-51, and the less we hear about him, the more likely he'll be cash shop fodder.  Makeb too.  And we who actually subscribe will probably have to pay extra for them, cuz hey it's not like we're goin' anywhere right!

The only really exciting thing going on right is the start of the football season (both types!).  I love watching football and soccer, so let's talk about that!

I've been a Minnesota Vikings fan since I was 7.  I was watching the NFL over at my friend Sammy's house in Arizona when I was a wee lad.  The state had just landed the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL was very, very big.  Actually, to be fair, in Arizona football was big, period.  High school games between Peoria High (my hometown) and Cactus High drew thousands of people.  So, being football crazy, landing a real NFL team made the entire state euphoric.  So there I was, watching the Vikings and the Packers play on TV, and I decided on the spot that the Vikings helmets were cool and they were my team.  Fast forward 26 years, and I've had a quarter of a century to wallow in Super Bowl-less misery.  Anyways, the Vikings will suck this year.  Coach is horrible.  QB is mediocre.  We have the best running back in football and don't know what the fuck to do with him.  Damn.

Super Bowl teams will be New England and Green Bay, with the Patriots lifting the hardware after a long championship drought (by their standards).

(Minnesota Vikings) Targeter's Prediction: 6-10

My college football team isn't much better.  I live in the area known as the 'Bluegrass State.'  Been here for 20 years, so I've become quite attached to the hometown University of Kentucky.  During basketball season, this place is totally ridiculous; we pack 25,000 people into Rupp Arena for the first PRACTICE of the year.  During football season, this might as well be a morgue ... and for good reason.  The UK football team hasn't exactly been what I would call 'relevant' lately.  We still talk with pride about that one win we had against Steve Spurrier after a quarter century of trying.  We've lost to Florida 25 times in a row.  That's a quarter of a century of being beaten by the same team.  People, we play them every year.  In 25 years we haven't beaten them once.  Not one time.  We JUST beat Tennessee last year for the first time in 26 years.  That's right, we had a 25-game losing streak AND a 24-game losing streak.  Against teams we played every.  Single.  Fucking.  Year.  Goddammit.

And so we started off the 2012 campaign by getting pasted by a mediocre Louisville team on national television.  Whoop-dee-doo.

BCS Championship teams will be Alabama vs USC, Saban leading the Crimson Tide to their second straight national championship and third in four years.

(UK Football) Targeter's Prediction: 4-8

The only one of my teams that has any hope of doing ANYTHING this year is my soccer team.  I'm a recent convert to the EPL; I really only started watching soccer in 2008 when I, like most of America, was enthralled with the Women's Olympic soccer team.  I ate that shit up.  Then I watched the World Cup on a lark in 2010.  After that, I was hooked.  I picked up the FOX Soccer channel in 2011 and started the EPL season.  I took about a year to pick a team; I was leaning towards Arsenal but the players were rather selfish, Fulham looked interesting but could be relegated, but ... Tottenham piqued my interest.  Tottenham played smart.  They had dynamic players.  Harry Redknapp was respected, Adebayor was a diva but talented, Scott Parker and Rafael Van de Vaart were real professionals.  I was hooked!

So the Hotspur became my team.  Adebayor came back this year, we picked up Clint Dempsey too!  Rafael left, and that sucked.  Redknapp got sacked ... inexplicably.  And then they picked up Andres Villas-Boas.  Yeah.  Last time we saw him manage a team, he ran Chelsea into the ground.


The EPL is looking tough this year; Chelsea is back, City and United are looking potent as always.  Arsenal, if they can get their shit together, can probably finish in the top 4.  My Hotspur will probably finish fifth in the league table, but that's ok.  We're in the Europa league this year and stand a pretty good chance of winning that (which ain't shabby).  If, by luck, we can get into the top 4, then we'll be in the Champions League ... and have a year to gel.  I like our chances.

(Tottenham Hotspur) Targeter's Prediction: 5th in the table, Europa League Champs

We'll get back to a more normal SWTOR posting schedule once SWTOR decides that it wants to put out updates.  Until then, I'll post about some other stuff.  We got MoP coming out soon, and Torchlight 2 just got a release date!  That's good news.  I'll give minor updates on what I'm doing on the Rep side if anything exciting happens too.

Hey, how about we go to Taris for a little hanky panky, yeeeaaaah!
**UPDATE: I was checking my stats for this post (because I'm a ridiculous attention whore who just wants to be loved) and noticed that one of the search terms that brought a random reader here was "old republic jedi sith blowjob."  THE FUCK?  Just thought I'd share that and admonish all you dirty readers for your very dirty thoughts, yeeeaaah baaaaby!**


  1. What channel are you watching soccer/football on? Love the way you spelled TFB. I heard it in my head the way you meant it to be heard. But hey, at least 1.4 listens to the cries of pvpers and introduces MORE stunlocking. Wait.

    1. I got the FOX Soccer Channel. Covers most of the EPL live, which is nice, plus has nightly recap shows. If you don't have it in your area, ESPN3, available on PC and Xbox/PS3 sometimes has games. Not many are live though. FOX Soccer is the way to go!

  2. It's hard to write new posts about SWTOR because frankly, there's really nothing to write about.

    Oh god, you sound like the people from the TOR Show. I guess that means that your blog will die or stop being about TOR within two months?

    I'm inundated with post ideas myself right now. There is plenty to enjoy if you care.

    1. Imperial Intelligence isn't going anywhere ... you're not *that* lucky :D I'm just finding it difficult to drum up post ideas about SWTOR right now. Not too much going on at the moment for me, at least. I guess I'm just waiting till 1.4, really. THEN I can talk about stuff!

    2. Sigh. There's nothing wrong with falling out of love with TOR, or burning out in general. What broke this camel's back was the CEO saying that they might charge subbers for Makeb. "It's a bunch of content" he says. I'll believe "bunch" when I see it, but if it's like any other planet, it's 3-4 hours of content if you do it grouped. They haven't given us any reason to believe in their vagueness, and have been dishonest plenty of times. Obviously things are dire, from a business POV, because they're about tied with DCUO for time to F2P announcement. They'll continue to make vague promises to try keep those of us on the edge stick around.

      Anyways, keep blogging about whatever's fun to you at the moment. I respect Shintar and the quality of blogging she continues to do, but everyone is different, and I think it's a little out of line to rain on your honesty parade. I'd rather you do your own honest thing than phone it in like The Instance did. Write what inspires ya.

  3. Mediocre? Sorry but top 25 teams are not mediocre. The team that lost that day was mediocre, and has been for a loooooong time. I was at the game btw, and loved every second of it hehe.

    1. Heh, good luck in the Big Least, chief. Louisville really does have a good quarterback in Bridgewater, though. And how dare you call UK mediocre? We're terribad!

    2. lol, yeah they are. But look on the bright side, you will have a new coach next year.