Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey, it's the least interesting blog post title ever!  Lookie thar, I made a pun on the panda expansion!  Hardy har!  No, but seriously, panda-land dropped today.  It's another WoW expansion.  I expect it'll be a lot like other expansions; fun for a while, but dragging to a slow halt later on.  It'll also feature some raids that are lackluster and twitchy, some really poor character models, horrid draw distance, and laughably bad storylines.

So why do I play it?

I really, honestly don't know.  It's just fun.

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  1. Oh, yea . . . it is Tuesday, isn't it? /sigh . . . my life's been so busy, I haven't had any time for games. (Not that I planned to pick up the expansion, anyway. I'm sort of burned out on WoW, and I'd find my computer taken over by my kids, making pandas . . .)