Monday, September 10, 2012

Sentinels and Shaman and Ghostcrawlers, oh my!

Over the weekend, I fired up my little Jedi Sentinel.  He's a Twi'lek with no respect for his fellow sentient beings.  This attitude problem is only heightened by his brand new armor, which makes him look like a TOTAL OHMAHGAWD FUCKING BADASS.  Thanks for fixing the helmet bug for Twi'lek, Bioware!  It also doesn't help that he's the first SWTOR character that I'm actively going dark side on.  This just in: dark side Jedi are jackwagons.  Seriously, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone knows he's a tremendous douche.  I'm thoroughly enjoying the Sentinel playstyle though, as it mostly consists of "FORCE LEAP WTF DAMAGE."  Really, they should just rename the talent trees to "Ripping Faces Off, OMG, and Jackhole Hero."

Also over the weekend, I actually logged into WoW.  I even stayed on for like 20 minutes!  It was impressive.  I'm really just biding my time till Pandas show up because, UGH DEATHWING.  Has there ever been a more listless expansion villain?  His end raid is horrible and bland.  He just flaps around like some ignoramus while we slaughter his minions.  And then he's all like, "I'm Deathwing, the destroyer of worlds!"  And you're all like, "Nice of you to show up to the party, dumbass."  Then you crawl on his back and make fun of his wardrobe and then he melts and Thrall steals your killing blow.  The end.  It also doesn't help that there are approximately 12 players on your server at any given moment.  How we don't have more 'OMG WOW IZ DIEING' posts is beyond me.  Goodness knows that those popped up when SWTOR's population dipped.

Continuing with WoW, Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street continues his legacy of misunderstanding everything about his own playerbase.  In his latest twitter explosion, aka 'missive on how he's cooler than you', a fellow shaman player posed this:

Shamans feel very gutted to me by removal of traditional totems- numbers ok, but just feels like a lot of junky CDs now.

Which is, to be fair, a completely honest description of the class.  Ghostcrawler replies:
Junky CDs > junky buffs?

Oh, screw you Ghostcrawler.  You even PLAY a shaman and you don't get shaman!  The totems are what defined us.  Jesus, how did you ever get to be lead designer?

And speaking of lead designers, I have terrible news.  It looks like everyone's favorite game designer, Daniel Erickson, may be looking for a new job.  He was the heart and soul of SWTOR and championed story above everything else.  It appears as though he is either currently unemployed or will be let go shortly, if his LinkedIn page is any indication.  If he is cut loose from Bioware/EA, then it will be a very, very sad day.  Of all the designers, I think Daniel 'got it.'  He was truly invested in the story and the players.  I want to believe that this isn't real and he's still with the SWTOR staff.  If it becomes confirmed, I'll post about it.  Until then, I'm holding out hope.


  1. OMG YES. Sentinels are SO AWESOME. Which is why I play one of course. And if you wanna be evil, it's VERY FUN. I was pretty neutral but, in the spirit of "let no asshole live" I couldn't resist lightsabering a voss who pissed me off. Highly recommended.

    The hard part of sentineling is: you don't get a healer until Balmorra. Like the END of Balmorra. This is fine at first when you and Kira are ripping people's faces off faster than they can even get a shot off, but around the late 20's it's like OMG QQ I R DED when it's an elite boss and he doesn't split the damage evenly between the two of you.

    Also, once you hit lvl twentysomething, Combat is a viable spec. Cause that's when you get Ataru form. Until you get Ataru form, it kinda sucks.


  2. My agent didn't get his healer till the end of Taris (which is the Balmorra stage for you dirty Reps) so I'm used to it. Plus, I have a full set of mod gear and a couple of 50s to go farm comms, so I have, approximately, 70 bajillion health. I AINT SKEERED.

  3. I rolled a Sith Juggernaut on The Ebon Hawk to play with family members on the other side of the pond (if you run across Syrienna, say hi). I have terrible lag, but she is still an unstoppable freighttrain of destruction. After I got my healer on Balmorra, I am more or less indestructible.

    If SWTOR loses its focus on storytelling, I might quit the game.

    1. Ebon Hawk, eh?! I'll have to pop over and say hi! I mainly play on the Republic side now (shhh don't tell anyone) but I still have a full stable of characters with the Imperials. Add me (Targeter) and if you ever get the inkling to jump over on the Reps add Targeteer. We'll chit chat and whatnots.