Friday, September 21, 2012

Your Fifty-Second Assignment: Targeter, Targeteer, and ... Targetess?

By the Emperor's balls, your brother is annoying.

I know, Kaliyo.  He's so smug.

... and sorta handsome.  He's got good cheekbones, Agent.

Do you want to be pushed out of an airlock?

I'm just saying, Agent.  A girl gets lonely.

Lock and load, agents!  Targeter's back in action.  The last few weeks have been eventful in TOR; server consolidations, legacy changes, adaptive gear, and patch 1.4 hit the PTS!  So there's a lot to talk about, but ... forget that.  That stuff is boring to me and you know all about it already.  Let's talk about what REALLY has me excited.


Yes, that's right.  Targeter the agent already had his nemesis in the galaxy hoppin' rogue Targeteer, scourge of the stars and ladies' hearts.  Now, he's going to be joined by an all-new cast member ... Targetess, cyborg femme fatale.

With this latest mini-patch, Bioware went ahead and updated our character slots due to the recent server consolidation.  By increasing the number to twelve (or more, if you had more than twelve characters consolidating on one server), the boys and girls in Austin have essentially given me the ability to make another agent.  A laaaaady agent.  A laaaaady operative agent no less!  In all honesty, this is great news for me.  I'd like to think that I took my time on my very first playthrough to 50 with Targeter, but I'd be a lying sack of shit.  I was so enamored with the game that I went on a banzai leveling blitz, blasting through level after level just to experience more of the story.  And therein lies the rub; the faster I leveled to get more story, the less time I actually spent appreciating said story.

Targetess changes all that.

For right now, she's a cyborg.  That may change.  The lure of the sons and daughters of Csilla is almost too much to resist and I can already feel myself caving.  I know that she will definitely be an operative though ... I've wanted to try out this stealth mechanic thing for a while.  And it's going to be pure bliss to experience the best story in TOR all over again from a more sinister angle.  Now, I say that I'm going 'dark' ... but we all know that I'll wind up as Light V and as pure as the driven snow.  But if that happens, well, I can always make another agent!  He'll be Targeted, evil agent extraordinaire, villain of the spaceways, enemy of all that is good and pure and stupid.

If you can't tell, my love for TOR has been rekindled in a big way.  I loved my agent.  I loved my smuggler.  And the idea that I don't have to delete one of my characters to make space for another agent makes my shorts tight.

Also, this will be a big couple of weeks for gaming/movie-watching/general laziness around the house.  The Avengers Blu Ray releases Tuesday, as does Mists of Paaaaaaaandaaariaaaa.  Not gonna lie, I'm gonna go get me some Panda action.  Also, Torchlight 2 just released yesterday and it is seriously WTF GOOD.  Like, DAYUM WTF GOOD.  I'll post a more in-depth review next week once I spend a little more time in the game ogling its lush landscapes and whimsical characters.

I'll probably post some more about the 1.4 PTS stuff, the consolidations, etc etc, but I just wanted ya'll to know ...

I'm back, baby.


  1. Good to see that you got your groove back. :D

    Have fun with Vector. If you want to go that route. I think his romance is the best one in the whole game. I also hear you on wanting to be bad, and ending up good. The most evil my Sith Warrior woman (who dinged 50 at about 6 o'cklock this morning *yay*) managed was Dark II. I am a serious failure at playing bad characters...

    Also, Chiss are awesomesauce. With sexy-cherries on top.

    1. Vector? Ugh, he's all black-eyed and bugified. I'll probably take this chick the same way as my Agent ... untethered and carefree.