Monday, December 24, 2012

A Wild Targeter Appears!


So, I figured I'd drop a note for the Christmas Holiday!  Things are going well here; I'm spending less time in front of my computer and more time out and about.  I've lost 10 lbs so far just from dieting and generally not being a moron, but illness (stomach flu + pneumonia) has sidelined my fitness efforts.  All in all though, things are looking very good for me and will only improve in 2013!

So, as a treat to myself, I logged into TOR this weekend.

Boy howdy.

I'd forgotten all the things TOR does so very, very well.  Instant engagement in storyline.  Active combat.  AOE looting.  Quest items you can use.  Legacy perks.  Even the Cartel Market (I bought the Pureblood unlock).  I rolled a new Jedi Knight (going sentinel with him) and just had a blast (in small, healthy doses)!  What great fun!

Anyways, I'll update my progress both in-game and out as the new year dawns.  Best of luck to all of you and happy holidays!

- Targeter


  1. Good job! How many people can say they've lost weight over the holidays?

    Hope you feel better soon, and have a fabulous Christmas!

  2. Best wishes to you, and good to hear about the good times! :)

  3. I hope your holidays were at least as great as mine were. :)

    And grats on the first ten pounds! May many more follow where those first ten went.