Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Financial Call Today!

Remember that EA's financial call is today at 5pm ET/2pm PT.  Here's the link you want to listen in; remember, you have to register to listen.  I know I'll be tuning in today; expect a breakdown of what we learned tomorrow (or this afternoon if I get froggy), once I can analyze the financials and parse the corporate double speech.

What am I expecting?  Frankly, I'm expecting lots of good news out of SWTOR.  Lots of it.  They'll probably focus early on their big name franchises like Medal of Honor (named wrong shooter franchise, doh!) and Madden, but SWTOR should have nothing but positive spin as the F2P transition has been nothing short of a wild success, financially.  (In-game too!)

Expect more on this after the call!

Notes during the call:

$0.15 loss per share (GAAP)
Medal of Honor:Warfighter missed sales goals badly (may be last of the series?)
FIFA, Battlefield, and Need for Speed buoyed EA during the quarter
Overall volume down due to console transition
Digital market grew 25% in previous year
Cut contracting, advertising, marketing, to close revenue misses
$185 million revenue for free-to-play and DLC, increase of 20%
Positive early indications for SWTOR F2P transition
No hard numbers yet; too early to tell how much of an impact it will make
Fuse delayed until summer (Q1 2014)
Mobile and digital expected to lead all revenue in Q4 (spring 2013)
Medal of Honor being taken out of rotation!
FIFA killed it hardcore
Need for Speed became premier racing title and will be annualized
No other news about SWTOR

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yeah, I'm *THAT* Asshole

Attavoss is now the proud owner of an overpriced and completely ludicrous speeder.  Yes, I'm part of the problem.  To be honest, the speeder's pretty sweet.  The price is steep and it's only a single character unlock too, but hey.  You only live once, right?  The sound and animation on this thing is pretty impressive!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Makeb First Look

Huh.  Massively posted that there was a 'first look' trailer for Makeb.  Gotta say, this looks interesting at least.  Wish they would have sent this out before closing out the early access pre-order offer.  Would have made signing up for it much easier!  Still, looks neat.  Graphics are a little improved, but this still just looks like a quest planet.  I guess we'll find out one way or another, eh?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Shit I Like About TOR

LOCK AND LOAD, SENTINELS!  Doesn't have the same ring, you know?  Maybe, UNHOOK AND INGITE, SENTINELS!

So, I'm rediscovering TOR because OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN SO LONG, right?  Seriously a few months off and I'm fiendin' like a crack whore at Darryl Strawberry's house.  Anyways, I'm excited about getting back into the game and I'm going to list why.  Because it's my blog and I can write what I want.  So eat it.

Proper Low Level PVP

This may be a function of me being a sentinel, but HOLY SHIT I AM OWNING YOU F2P NOOBS!  Holy crap!  It's like a goddamn Christmas miracle (or Life Day miracle ... available for only 2400 coins) except filled with blood and screaming and the QQ of the clueless!  I played some PVP on my Bounty Hunter the other day and JESUS CHRIST it's like the Killing Fields out there.  Ok, enough with the self-flagellating PVP screaming.  The low level PVP in TOR is fast-paced, fairly balanced (except for sentinels LOL), accessible, and most importantly ... FUN.  It's fun to play.  You're boosted up so you stand a chance; not a great chance, but a chance.  There's nothing like completely destroying someone you know is 25 levels higher because you have the preternatural ability to utilize brain cells to your advantage.  Strategy FTW.


Story kinda became an in-joke for a while with us because, well, you know ... story.  Story was in everything.  Story here.  Story there.  Story in my bathroom.  Story in my Wheaties.  Story.  But coming back to TOR from other games, you realize how important story is.  Like, for realsies.  Story is the linchpin for the entire game, holding together a harness of awesome upon which you can buckle various contraptions of greatness.  Ok, even I don't know that means but we'll guess that it's something totally sweet.  In all seriousness, what TOR's over-arching story does is tie the player to the narrative and make you care about the choices you make.  Granted, some choices are more shallow than others, but still, in the end the effect is ... uh ... effective.  Yeah.

Simple Things

Crafting from your bank.  Sending out companions on missions. Sending mail to cross-faction characters on the same account.  Ships (player housing of a sort).  Active combat with no auto-attack.  A regeneration ability (who eats food, I mean, really?).  An actual talent tree that is still fun to play with.  Legacy gear.  Mods.  Commendations.  Space missions (no, really, they're sorta fun in small doses!).  For a game that's "dead" and has "nothing to do" ... shit, there's a lot of stuff to do.  Who'da thunkit?

There's a ton more stuff I love about TOR (and some things I don't like either, to be fair).  For now though, it's like coming home again.  It's a wonderful feeling.  Oh, I still play other games too, like WoW and MechWarrior Online and Mount & Blade (that game is WTF crazy).  But TOR ... damn you TOR.  You wormed your way back into my heart!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

SHOCK! Blizzard steals a good idea ...

In the latest Word of Warcraft PTR notes from patch 5.2:


  • Players in low level battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that battleground bracket. Players' base stats and spells are scaled accordingly and are treated as the same level when determining hits, misses, and critical effect chance.
Sound familiar? Maybe like the scaling done in TOR warzones?  Hmmmm?  It's a nice change for WoW and may make PVP almost playable there.

..... NAH.  WoW PVP is a horrid abomination.  SWTOR PVP on the other hand ... best low level PVP I've ever played.  And mostly because of the scaling mechanic!

(Fill me in dear readers, did RIFT launch with level bracket scaling for PVP too?)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Words Completely Fucking Fail Me Right Now

This story is so full of win and misinformation that it's hilarious.  Maybe we can make a new word ... "miswinformation."  Read it.  Learn it.  Love it.

Also, "Fox News" should really rebrand themselves as "Fox News-ishness."  Also, the "Fair & Balanced" tag at the top really, really should be taken down.  So, when do we get to go to the gay planet?!?  I bet the sushi is to DIE FOR there!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Back in the Saddle ... or ... Falling in Love Again

It's such a wonderful thing.  To recapture lost feelings for something that you thought you were over, a thing you used to do maniacally and had to step away from.  A feeling you never, ever thought you'd feel again ...

... a sense of wonderment.  Wonderification!  Wonderosity!

That's where I am with TOR now.  I play occasionally (as Attavoss on The Ebon Hawk - come say hi!), just bits here and there, when I feel I'm able to.  Heck, I just hit level 15 over the weekend so it shows how much I'm really not playing.  I'm not even guilded.  But I'll tell ya the truth; I love the moment when I get to play TOR again.  It's such an honest, refreshing, clean feeling.

Towards the end of my 'hardcore' tenure as a TOR player (during the Explosive Conflict raiding days) I'll admit it - I was getting burned out.  Massive burnout.  To be frank, the whole raiding scene was getting to me (which makes it even more puzzling that I raided in WoW) and I dreaded logging in some days.  It's a terrible shame to say because I felt like a let a lot of folks down in my guild, but when you don't have it, you don't have it, and there's no use lying to yourself or anyone else.

But now ... it's like starting over again.  It probably helps that I made a brand new character, a Pureblood Sentinel (bought the unlock through the cartel market ... best purchase EVER) and am staying un-guilded for a while (to make sure I don't fall in the raiding trap again) and really just enjoying the game at my own pace.

I'm pretty sure there are some very smart bloggers out there who advised me to do that a long time ago.  Too bad I didn't listen to them then; I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and frustration.

I'll be damned if I don't feel great playing TOR again, at my own pace and for my own enjoyment.

My health has taken a turn for the better as well!  I'm feeling great (better than I have in years, to be honest) and things are going well.  I reward myself from time to time with TOR playing, so that's a good motivation.  I start my running regimen on Monday, so we'll see how that goes.  Me and my sore thighs (ooh la la) will be reporting on that in the future.

And yes, you can officially consider me "back in the blog game."