Friday, January 4, 2013

Back in the Saddle ... or ... Falling in Love Again

It's such a wonderful thing.  To recapture lost feelings for something that you thought you were over, a thing you used to do maniacally and had to step away from.  A feeling you never, ever thought you'd feel again ...

... a sense of wonderment.  Wonderification!  Wonderosity!

That's where I am with TOR now.  I play occasionally (as Attavoss on The Ebon Hawk - come say hi!), just bits here and there, when I feel I'm able to.  Heck, I just hit level 15 over the weekend so it shows how much I'm really not playing.  I'm not even guilded.  But I'll tell ya the truth; I love the moment when I get to play TOR again.  It's such an honest, refreshing, clean feeling.

Towards the end of my 'hardcore' tenure as a TOR player (during the Explosive Conflict raiding days) I'll admit it - I was getting burned out.  Massive burnout.  To be frank, the whole raiding scene was getting to me (which makes it even more puzzling that I raided in WoW) and I dreaded logging in some days.  It's a terrible shame to say because I felt like a let a lot of folks down in my guild, but when you don't have it, you don't have it, and there's no use lying to yourself or anyone else.

But now ... it's like starting over again.  It probably helps that I made a brand new character, a Pureblood Sentinel (bought the unlock through the cartel market ... best purchase EVER) and am staying un-guilded for a while (to make sure I don't fall in the raiding trap again) and really just enjoying the game at my own pace.

I'm pretty sure there are some very smart bloggers out there who advised me to do that a long time ago.  Too bad I didn't listen to them then; I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and frustration.

I'll be damned if I don't feel great playing TOR again, at my own pace and for my own enjoyment.

My health has taken a turn for the better as well!  I'm feeling great (better than I have in years, to be honest) and things are going well.  I reward myself from time to time with TOR playing, so that's a good motivation.  I start my running regimen on Monday, so we'll see how that goes.  Me and my sore thighs (ooh la la) will be reporting on that in the future.

And yes, you can officially consider me "back in the blog game."


  1. Hey, welcome back! *throws confetti*

    I have to say, I am warming up to the Cartel Shop *cough*41powercrystal*cough* I do get a monthly stipend of 800 CCs, so I am able to feed my leveling characters a steady diet of XP boosts, which in turn enables me to skip a few of the more tedious quests.

    When it comes to sports I prefer swimming to running. Swimming is much more kind to my knees.
    On the other hand, you can listen to this awesome eBook which turns your jogging session into an interactive zombie story:

    1. My sentintel has two of the +41 crystals; one for power and the other for endurance. 'Tis lovely! Also, how do you get 800 CCs a month? I only get 600 (500 for sub + 100 for the authenticator).

    2. I get the same 600, and then I get a reward for the two friends I have recruited to the game, which is 100CC each month they keep up their subscription (that's how I understood it).