Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Financial Call Today!

Remember that EA's financial call is today at 5pm ET/2pm PT.  Here's the link you want to listen in; remember, you have to register to listen.  I know I'll be tuning in today; expect a breakdown of what we learned tomorrow (or this afternoon if I get froggy), once I can analyze the financials and parse the corporate double speech.

What am I expecting?  Frankly, I'm expecting lots of good news out of SWTOR.  Lots of it.  They'll probably focus early on their big name franchises like Medal of Honor (named wrong shooter franchise, doh!) and Madden, but SWTOR should have nothing but positive spin as the F2P transition has been nothing short of a wild success, financially.  (In-game too!)

Expect more on this after the call!

Notes during the call:

$0.15 loss per share (GAAP)
Medal of Honor:Warfighter missed sales goals badly (may be last of the series?)
FIFA, Battlefield, and Need for Speed buoyed EA during the quarter
Overall volume down due to console transition
Digital market grew 25% in previous year
Cut contracting, advertising, marketing, to close revenue misses
$185 million revenue for free-to-play and DLC, increase of 20%
Positive early indications for SWTOR F2P transition
No hard numbers yet; too early to tell how much of an impact it will make
Fuse delayed until summer (Q1 2014)
Mobile and digital expected to lead all revenue in Q4 (spring 2013)
Medal of Honor being taken out of rotation!
FIFA killed it hardcore
Need for Speed became premier racing title and will be annualized
No other news about SWTOR

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