Thursday, January 17, 2013

SHOCK! Blizzard steals a good idea ...

In the latest Word of Warcraft PTR notes from patch 5.2:


  • Players in low level battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that battleground bracket. Players' base stats and spells are scaled accordingly and are treated as the same level when determining hits, misses, and critical effect chance.
Sound familiar? Maybe like the scaling done in TOR warzones?  Hmmmm?  It's a nice change for WoW and may make PVP almost playable there.

..... NAH.  WoW PVP is a horrid abomination.  SWTOR PVP on the other hand ... best low level PVP I've ever played.  And mostly because of the scaling mechanic!

(Fill me in dear readers, did RIFT launch with level bracket scaling for PVP too?)

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