Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Greeeee-eat!

In case you were living under a space rock, the Relics of the Gree event opened up with the release of patch 1.7 yesterday.

Fan-fuckin'-tastic.  Another grind.  Yippee.

So crafty ol' Targ heads over there post-haste to recon the area.  Hey, a new daily area (ugh, dailies).  Oh boy, hours of endless grinding on quests ... oh wait?  There's only 6 or 7?  Really?  Oh, and there's the vendor with the armors and stuff and OH HOLY SHIT IT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A TRON CHARACTER.

Dear Bioware,

I know we've had our differences in the past.  It's been rocky.  But right now, I'd slobber your space-cock so hard for a chance to get some Tron armor.  Straight up slobber.  As Penny Arcade once said, 'There is a hyperspace heaven for penises and I will take you there.'


P.S: Seriously.  I will suck the eyeballs out of your head.

The other rewards are pretty bangin' too.  Cool sabers and guns with damn antennae sticking off of them and JESUS FLAPJACKS CHRIST THAT DAMN TRON ARMOR.  Did I mention the armor?  Yeah, that armor.  The BIND ON LEGACY, USABLE AT LEVEL 1 ARMOR.

So, wha's it take to get ol' Targy in some of that armor?  Huh, a 'Friend' faction stance with them for the blue OR the red stuff.  That's right, two separate Tron sets.  Well, hell, I can get that in two or three days.  Literally.  And the best part?


Take your Valor grind and shove it up your ass, WoW!

So, you're telling me that all I have to do is a couple days of dailies?  Well, I probably have to do it on each side so I can get rep for each faction OH HOLY SHIT WAIT.  REPS ARE THE SAME AND ALL REP IS BOUND TO YOUR LEGACY.  There's also level 50 weapons that are just ... I mean ... I can't explain.  Go look.  No words.



I gotta go to Ilum guys.  Bye.


  1. Haha, you *really* like the Gree stuff, eh? Good luck on all the dailies. :)

  2. Already planning on kitting out my new baby-warrior (Cleeyah on The Progenitor) in one of the outfits. Black with red glowy bits.

    Even if that means I'll have to make an artform out of being ganked until I am just a bloody smear on the ice...