Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"I've got a bad reputation, baby ... "

Last week's financial call was short on info and long on avoiding the topic of SWTOR altogether.  They really only mentioned SWTOR twice; once to say that it was far too early to tell if the F2P transition has helped the game as much as the early telemetry shows (here's a hint ... it has!) and that SWTOR was the main contributor to the $185 million in revenue amongst EA's F2P titles.  That's about it.  Not much to go on, so I'll patiently away the Q4 (financial Q4 for EA) call in May.

Reputation, the grinding portion of most MMOs, is coming to SWTOR!  OH JOY OF JOYS!  Even more groan-inducing grinding to be done in an MMO!  We surely don't have enough of that!  No sirree!

Ok, so it's not that bad. The blog post gives a lot of detail for the rep system so far, including some rather nice additions that'll make rep grinding much, much, MUCH less of a pain in the ass in SWTOR.  Let's dive in!

First of all, tying reputation to your legacy?  Pro move.  This negates most of the tedious alt-grinding that folks in other MMOs (*cough cough WoW cough cough*) have to do.  It also ensures that the rep will be tied to your account, not the characters, should faction switching ever become a possibility.  There looks to be 4 distinct reps you can earn:

The Gree
The Voss
Space Missions (Armada for Reps, First Fleet for Imps)
Section X faction (Imperial Guard or 5th Assault Battalion)

But, Targeter, that's six reps!  Not really, my friend.  The Fleet and Section X reps share the same bar, so you can earn rep for the Armada doing space missions and then hop over to your Imperial to knock out a few for the Fleet.  Both types fill the same reputation bar.  Pretty nice, eh?

Let's talk  about *how* you earn rep.  You mainly get it through bound items, as far as I can tell.  No rep awarded just from doing the quests.  The bound items can be activated to award a specific amount of rep varying according to item quality.  They follow the same quality rules as all other items in the game; epic will award more than rare, etc etc.  Now, why items?  Why do they want us to collect stuff?  Because each individual rep will have a weekly cap you can earn.

Oh no.

Well, that sucks.  It's not as sucky as say ... oh, I dunno ... FUCKING VALOR CAPS IN WOW.  But still, mildly annoying.  But, here's where Bioware tosses us a bone.  You may be capped per week for each reputation, but there's no cap to amount of items you can use.  Oh oh oh, that got your attention?  Yeah, let's say we go bat-fuck crazy one week and collect 20 items or so.  Well, let's say we can only use 10 per week (I don't know how many we can use, I'm just sayin').  That means you have 10 left over.  That you can use next week.  Huzzah!  I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing bound items show up in cartel packs, and then those items be traded on the GTN.  It'd bolster an already healthy economy.

Also, subscribers seem to get a 50% rep bonus for all gains.  Eat it, F2People!

The reputation system also allows you to unlock legacy titles (some of which are actually fairly cool - Hero of Deep Space) that will reside where your legacy title would normally go.  So, that's kinda neat!  And it's spread across your whole legacy too, so your new Bounty Hunter, Boba'Phatty could actually be Boba'Phatty, Hyperspace Legend!

There are also reputation vendors to boot!  Now, they didn't really detail what would be on them (only mentioned 'special rewards') but I imagine it'll be adaptive gear, speeders, perhaps some epic level stuff that requires the highest reputation threshold to attain, that sort of thing.

Let's go over the highlights:

+ Reputations are legacy-bound
+ Reputations give titles!
+ Reputation earned through items, not actual quests
-  Reputation capped each week
+ Reputation vendors
+ Subscribers get a 50% rep bonus!
+ Did I mention cool-ass titles?

All in all ... hell yes!  Bring on the rep!

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  1. Jury's still out about all this with me. I love the fact that it's tied in to Legacy (yay for only doing the grind once) but I'm not really sold on the incentives behind doing it. I will have to commit my own thoughts to blog post at some point.