Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boostin' the Weekend!

Well!  This is interesting.  Apparently, SWTOR is having double experience weekends!  Isn't that interesting.  Looks like I'll be spending some more time playing this weekend ... and the next ... and the next ... and the next.  And they stack with your cartel market XP boosts as well!  Who doesn't want 125% extra XP?  (Cue the Capital One baby saying "No!")

Darth Hater is right when they state that this feeds the speculation that RotHC will drop sometime in April or May.  Personally, I think it'll be the Tuesday after the last double XP weekend (April 9th).  That's right!  Write it down!

We're headin' to Makeb for some serious SGR* action on April 9th!  Whooooo!

*Imperial Intelligence neither condemns nor condones SGRs and their inclusion in the game.  Imperial Intelligence is fine with whatever you want to digitally love because OMG he soooo has a crush on Doc Loken.  Because the Doc feeds the rakghoul in his heart.


  1. I'm probably just a bit crazy. But I don't really want to have all my Rep characters on level 50 - then I can't lowbie PvP on them anymore!

  2. Make more! You can never have enough agents. Really.

  3. Hey, I'm a believer in the multiple agent philosophy . . . of course, both of my agents are still healers, so my husband wonders what the point is of having two . . .

    (Love your small print, by the way. Made me laugh.)