Saturday, March 23, 2013

Makeb? Hello?

It's been a while since we've heard anything concrete on Makeb.  It makes an agent ... twitchy.  Sure, we've gotten dev blogs and a couple of videos and some rampant speculation, but when was the last time we heard anything concrete?  The PTS is up and there's neat stuff on there, including the new operation Scum & Villainy (oh, how I *RUE* the day I lost my Scum and Villainy guild name), there's not really been one peep about the actual planet Makeb.

We've got info on 2.0 and the changes we can expect.  We've got gear sets (which I think are cool, by the by).  We've got some 'making of' videos.

That's about it.

What's the release date?  We can infer from the 'March to Makeb' promotion that these double experience weekends serve as a vehicle to get us ready for level 50-55 content in the new expansion pack.

Could this be the long-anticipated Makeb release date?  Methinks yes!  I guess we'll find out on Monday!

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