Monday, April 29, 2013

Makeb Impressions and a Money Shot!

Mission terminals?  Thank god.
Smuggle this!  Last week, I completely the Makeb storyline and got to 55 (after about 5 dailies).  I was pleasantly surprised with how good the Makeb storyline was ... can you sense the 'but' coming?  Let's face it folks, this was a glorified planet.  Nothing more.  It was beautiful ...

Death Star mining lasers?  Seems a bit like overkill!

But it was only one planet ... 

Even the friggin' bases are awesome!

One beautiful planet, though.  There were some really great moments during the questline; I won't spoil any, but the final showdown was well worth it.  Couple things bugged me, though.

  • Companion characters stay silent.  There was no VO for the questlines for your companions.  They just stood there, like window dressing.  Heavily armed window dressing, but mute nonetheless.  Even when my smuggler, who married Risha, was hitting on Lemda, the apparently sexually ambiguous lady researcher. 
  • And let's talk about those SGRs.  Uh, where are they?  Maybe I missed the opportunities?  Maybe they were eliminated from my view because my character was already tied in marriage to another person (even though it didn't stop me from totally hitting on Lemda at every opportunity)?  Targeteer wanted to test the waters!  He wanted to experiment like it was college!  Now he feels cheated.  He's listening to The Cure right now.

The romance options were more akin to a planetary romance, a 'wham-bam-thank ya ma'am' type affair than a true romantic arc, too.  A few cutscenes and a smooch and that does it.  Kinda disappointing.

So it sounds like I'm bagging on Rothick, and I totally don't mean to.  It was fun and well-done (even though it was really only one planet), and there are other things to do too (seeker droids and macrobinocular missions), and apparently Scum and Villainy: The Operation (not to be confused with my old guild ... which I founded ... which BioWare ripped away from me during merges ...) is one of the best they've ever done, but damn it was really only one planet.

Granted, it was only $10 ...

Still just one planet.

If I had to assign a grade to Rothick as an expansion, I'd give it a  B+.

- Beautiful
- Great planetary story
- Seeker/Macro missions are different and fun
- S&V is apparently amazing
- Only $9.99 for subs ($19.99 for F2Pers)

- Romance options are very limited
- Storyline can be a tad short
- No new flashpoints
- Companions largely stay silent in cutscenes


  1. I agree with all you say. Although the low level FP's that have been upgraded to level 55 are almost like having new ones to me. I don't hit FP's when leveling alts so it has been awesome seeing these again. Been through the first 3 bosses of S & V and so far I love the OP, just not sure how my guild is going to get through the whole thing when we only raid 2 hours at a time.

  2. I'm still miffed about then dropping the class-stories. And yes, the completely silent companions, too.

    The Republic bisexual romance was... I don't know. Mainly you hitting on the girl and she giving you a snarkass answer. And then you kiss. The End.

    Haven't tried Empireside same gender romance yet, as my little warrior isn't ready to go to Makeb yet. And since the class storyline stops on Corellia, I take my time.