Friday, April 19, 2013

Scum and Apathy ... Why Am I Not Playing Makeb?

So, I was pretty excited to get the new Makeb digi-pansion or whatever they want to call it.  When Rothick opened for me on Sunday, I was online and ready to go.  Played a couple of hours, fiddled with my talent trees, got to Makeb, took a look around, marveled at the sights, did the intro quests, and promptly logged off.

I've been back a couple of times, but not for any reasonable amount of time.

And I don't know why I'm not playing Rothick.

To be sure, the new digi-pansion looks great.  Makeb feels alive and vibrant and everything I wanted in a SWTOR world.  You have a real sense of place there.  The story so far is interesting and fairly grand in scope (at least for the residents of Makeb).  The vistas are stunning.  The visuals are breath-taking.  So why am I not spending more time there?

I wasn't ultra super-duper excited about the launch, but I was pretty impressed with what I'd seen up to that point.  I was moderately excited about getting to a new world and seeing new things.  Hutts aren't a great motivator for me, so I thought the overall villain of the digi-pansion was a tad weak; the Hutt Cartel basically going all 'open war' on people doesn't make a lot of sense.  That'd be like Al Capone outfitting his gangsters with flak jackets and trying to attack San Francisco in commercial airplanes (ok, so the analogy makes sense in my head).  The Hutt threat just doesn't carry the implied menace required to fully engage me in the story.

But truly, I think the main problem I have with Rothick is that it's just one planet.  One measly planet.  A big one, to be sure.  But just one.  And while it may be massive and beautiful, it really encompasses everything I thought I wanted in TOR.  A massive, breathing world.  One area to focus on.  Because, you know, that's what other MMOs do.  And that's what I thought I wanted in TOR.

Turns out, maybe I don't.  I miss the galaxy-hopping.  I miss the planets I visited, adventured on, and left a conquering hero (or villainous bastard).

In being more like other MMOs, to me TOR has become less like itself.  And maybe that bugs me.  I'm sure, in time, I'll really come to appreciate Makeb.  But I think for now, I'm in a sort of mourning period.  Will we ever see the galaxy-spanning MMO we all have come to love?

Always in motion is the future.


  1. It's probably just a thing of expenses. With the huge expectations of SWTORs launch, then the big disappointment of many people... I think they wanted to play safe and kept it small. That said, I really do hope for more planets as well. Let's hope the game will fare well enough and people will keep investing in it.

    Do play a bit of Makeb, I really liked the quest storyline myself (apart, maybe, the ending-after-the-ending, not saying anything more). :)

    1. I plan on getting back into it fairly soon. Just need to get the 'oomph.' Also doesn't help that my area of the country has seen some dramatically beautiful weather the past few weeks. Gotta take advantage of the sun while I can!

    2. Whoa, a healthy gamer, quick, take a picture! =D

  2. I'm not sure what the minimum level is for the new macrobinocular and seeker droid stuff, but that sends you traipsing all around the galaxy alright if that's what you're missing... :)

    1. Actually, I just got those last night! Haven't done any yet because I'm polishing off Makeb first. In short, I've come to really appreciate Makeb. :D