Friday, April 5, 2013

Super Secret Double Final XP Weekend Bazooka Happy Time Blowup!

Don't forget that this weekend (actually starting right NOW) is the last super secret double probation experience point weekend before the big early access release on Tuesday!  Grab them alts!  Level them levels!  Murderate them mobs!  Assimilate them XPs!  Ok, that's all I have.

Also, if you're like me, then you really haven't played much since the last super duper extra double secret xp weekend.  When you patch your patcher, launch your launcher, and gamer your game, you may encounter some trouble with a crash to desktop.  If so, check my post out below.  It has information which may be relevant ... to you.  And only you.  No, not that guy.  Fuck him. No, you.  With the eyes.  The deep-set, lustrous eyes.  Those deep .. dark ....

Anyways, have fun!

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