Monday, April 8, 2013

SWTOR Patch 2.0 - Rothick Inbound!

It is here.  By the balls of the Force, it is here.  Today (tonight really, but hey, gimme a break) launches patch 2.0 and the whole bevy of changes that are coming with Rise of the Hutt Cartel, also known as RotHC, or phonetically ... Rot-hick.  Tomorrow starts Early Access, also known as "Neener-neener I'm playing new TOR and your tears are like delicious, precious, delectable fuel to my inner rage nerd!"

In order to help your new Makeb (aka the 'Gay Planet') transition, the fine folks over at TOR-Wars have prepped a little guide.  I suggest placing your optical orbits on it.

'But, dear Targeter, whatsoever shall you do?' you opine.  'How will your magnificence handle the new 2.0 Makeb-y TOR?'  Good question, agent!

I, Targeter, Leader of Imperial Intelligence, shall issue ...


Yes, in a move that absolutely no one cares about, I will reinstate the 'Your XXth Assignment' posts!  I'll wait a moment for the cheering to subside.  /royalwave *elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist*

Looks like I left off with Assignment 53, though I may just go in a whole new direction.  My latest dilemma is actually pretty simple ... Gunslinger or Sniper?  Which character should I blast through Makeb with first?  On the one hand, Targeter, my first character and renowned Sniper, should get preference because, well duh, IMPERIAL Intelligence.  But Targeteer, my spunky, quirky lil' 'Slinger is very fun to play (and shaddup about the 'lolz same specz r u dum').

Or, should I 'flip the script' as the kids say nowadays and go for my freshly minted 50 Warrior?  Or even my brand new Trooper?  O, the agony!

Nah, who am I kidding.  Sniper for the win.

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