Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pretty Sure It's Not But ...

... I'm gonna roll with it anyways.

Targeter gear at a vendor near you!  Comes complete with 100% sexiness guarantee.  And yes, I'm painfully aware that this gear is for level 50 characters.  Shaddup.  I was out of the game when this cropped up.  But I'm celebratin' now, boys and girls.

Get your Targeter gear ... TODAY!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Updated* Notes: EA Financial Call - Q4 Results

SWTOR leads the financial call this time around!

Apparently, SWTOR delivered 'solid results' in EA's financial Q4 2013 (Jan - Mar 2013).  They sound pretty pleased.  $224 million for the F2P sector, including SWTOR, FIFA Ultimate Team, and Bejeweled Blitz.  No specifics, but I can guess that SWTOR took the lion's share of that revenue.

EA states that they learned their lesson regarding server demand with the new SimCity title.  "It won't happen again."  Famous last words.

SWTOR is leading the charge in the F2P market.

The Sims 4 ... featuring a new, completely original offline solo play option!  So innovative!  /eyeroll

Battlefield 4 looks to be a real tentpole for EA's financial success this year.  Definitely understandable as they booked revenue for the BF3 DLC/Expansion packs this year ($121 million) and buoyed the company for the quarter.

DICE, Bioware, Visceral and  other studios will be putting out new Star Wars games for the new consoles with the brand spankin' new (and dead sexy) engine, Frostbite 3.  EA owns rights to produce Star Wars games across all platforms.

SWTOR F2P gaining traction.  1.7 new million accounts since F2P transition.  Subs up to 500K and steady.  Average monthly revenue has doubled since F2P inception.  New content cycles: 6-8 weeks.  Rothick performing and reviewing well.  Very pleased with transition so far.

Star Wars IP complements, not supplants, wholly EA-owned IP.  Look for new releases (non-Star Wars) alongside new SW games.


Listening to Activision's quarterly call as well, and just heard that WoW has dropped from 10 million at the last call to 8.3 million in the most recent quarter.  That's a 14% drop.  That's pretty substantial.  Most of the loss happened in the East ( ... yeah, right ... ), but Kotick admitted that the West saw substantial drops too.  They cited heavy competition from other MMOs, particularly F2P MMOs (hmmm).  They also fully expect to see lower subscribers counts this year than last throughout the rest of the financial year.

I think we'll begin to see WoW get more and more into the F2P business, perhaps unlocking the 1-85 content for free.  I would heartily suggest it; just look at the wonders it did for DCUO, SWTOR, LOTRO, etc etc.

Here's a graph of WoW's subscriber numbers.  It shows an incredibly healthy curve, particularly given how old the game is.  SWTOR should aspire to this type of customer retention.

The Most Important Blog Post I Have Ever Read

GoRead now.  NOW.

A snippet to whet your appetite:

To start, Collections is a special new interface that will show you well, things you collected! Stuff you got from the Cartel Market (Packs and not in packs) and Special Promotions, things you still need, how much percent you’ve completed, and even let you preview these items. You will even be able to track certain items.

So yes, you essentially have a portable checklist–but that’s not all. Let’s say you wanted to have an army of characters with the Revan Mask, but were only able to get one. Well, with Collections, one is all you need. For a fee in Cartel Coins (depending on the item), you can unlock this item account-wide. Yes, ACCOUNT-wide. Not faction-wide, not server-wide, ACCOUNT.




Thank you Pink Lightsabers.  THANK YOU.