Thursday, July 11, 2013

Double Experience Indecision

We're finally through three weeks of double XP for SWTOR and I've got a confession to make:


Oh, they're lovely and all, but the sheer amount of potential XP brings about a nut-wracking paralysis.  Which character?  Which faction?  My Knight or my Bounty Hunter?  Should I start a new character?  I've already got altitis, can I really afford to have a new Shadow?  Eventually, the choices weigh me down and I barely play at all.

Targeter is afraid of more experience.  What the hell.

The prospect of double XP weekends is just so daunting to me; limited playtime, too many characters, indecision on my own part.  It's like a huge stress-out to me.  I worry about playing who and where and then I get nervous and I wind up watching Top Gear and eating bell peppers on the couch (no junk food here, I'm trying to be healthy ya know!).

In my own personal world, I'd like Bioware to give us something a tad more permanent.  And in my head, this is how it would go:

Permanent Subscriber Benefit: Player-Determined XP Boost
  • All subscribers will be granted a 50% XP bonus to all missions of one variety, selectable by the player at will.
  • A toggle will appear in the character sheet that the player can change at will to the following options: class, planetary, flashpoint, warzone, space, exploration, or none.
  • This allows the player to determine which style of play he wants to engage in while enjoying the boost of being a subscriber.
  • The toggle allows the player to modify his experience boost ... or turn it off completely.  This allows him to stay at level and play with friends without outleveling them.

In a perfect world, that's how the XP boost would work.  I still like the weekends, don't get me wrong, but this style allows me to play my way, when I want it.  No pressure, no fuss!


  1. Bell peppers are like the candy of the vegetable world, aren't they? Flavor adventures . . .